Fronius UK to Attend Robotics and Automation 2017

14th September 2017

Logistics BusinessFronius UK to Attend Robotics and Automation 2017

Robotics and Automation 2017 at MK Arena, Milton Keynes (11-12 October) will provide global technology leader, Fronius, the opportunity to showcase products from two of their business units. The battery charging experts and welding technology specialists will be exposing their capabilities within the domain of battery charging solutions for traction batteries as well as the fields of welding automation and robotic welding. As a systems supplier, Fronius have been creating cost-effective, customer specific and complete solutions for mechanised arc welding for over 40 years and says the following:

Battery Charging Systems that guarantee to save energy costs for your forklift fleet
Fronius welcomes warehouse and logistics managers and forklift fleet owners to come and discuss the savings potential when using the intelligent “Ri” charging process unique to Fronius. The company guarantees to save money on the energy costs of running your forklifts – by up to a whopping 30%. Its offerings range from the sale of single battery chargers to total system solutions including multiple charging modules and complete charging rooms. Monitoring of the battery charging process can also optimise charging operations and identify battery defects with Fronius’ online visualisation tool, the I-SPoT Viewer.

With its Cool Battery Guide Easy information and management system, Fronius has developed an intelligent solution to dramatically improve the utilisation of traction batteries. The system intuitively guides the user to the battery that has been fully charged for the longest and is therefore the coolest, thus increasing the service life of the battery whilst reducing the total operating costs and optimising the performance and availability of your forklift truck fleet at the same time.

Mechanised Welding Systems for optimum welding results and maximum return on investment
Fronius expertly combines the world’s most innovative welding technology with mechanised components, resulting in outstanding welding results and significant competitive advantages. This makes Fronius the unique partner for mechanised welding. The welding of components is often challenging and complex and often modules with the widest range of component geometries must be welded precisely in the same production cycle. This is made possible thanks to intelligent welding systems that precisely control and constantly monitor each individual welding process.

Fronius Automation experts will be on hand to talk about the extensive portfolio of products that range from welding carriages to cladding cells and orbital welding systems to complete turnkey solutions.

Robotic Welding for defined quality
Industrial series production has its own rules: defined quality, defined process times, defined costs and in theory, boundless reproducibility. In reality operating faults and variations in the quality of the material or the effects of thermal deformation during the welding process can all increase reject rates and downtimes, impacting on the profitability of the production operation. If a fault is not discovered and rectified immediately, the robot will reproduce it all along the assembly line. The issue here is that the robot must be able to think in order to evaluate a problem for itself. In developing the TPS/i for robotics, Fronius have built an intelligent power source that, in conjunction with the Fronius SpeedNet data transfer, continuously analyses data which is sent back from the arc at over 10,000 times per second. The welding power source then makes adjustments where necessary within set parameters, effectively “evaluating” and “thinking” for itself. The result is unsurpassed quality, highest efficiency and maximum reliability. In other words, profitable welding processes for all automated series production lines.