Fresh ideas and innovations at CeMAT 2016

6th June 2016

Logistics BusinessFresh ideas and innovations at CeMAT 2016

“We are happy to be back again at this fantastic location, Pavilion 32,” announces Matthias Fischer, President of Toyota Material Handling Europe. “I was looking forward to the opening day and am eager to meet as many customers as possible to exchange new ideas and fresh thinking. We have been investing in new concepts for the future, which will help our customers to combine efficient logistics with maximum economy – that’s our aim and our philosophy – we call it Logiconomi.”

CeMAT, the intralogistics fair taking place at Hanover this week, is an excellent occasion for Toyota Material Handling to listen and learn from customers and reflect their needs. Toyota continues to invest in research and development of products and solutions for European customers. This focus on innovation is reflected in Toyota Material Handling’s slogan for this year’s event: think CeMAT, think Toyota. Visitors can expect the following highlights at the Toyota booth:

The energy zone is called “New Energy Now”, since new energy options are not only discussed, but also delivered by Toyota. Lithium-ion is available across the electric warehouse range, as well as for the Traigo 48 counterbalanced truck. Toyota Material handling has also produced a fuel cell forklift truck, which uses hydrogen as a fuel, and presents the Toyota Mirai car at the booth. Customers can easily use the energy alternatives mentioned above thanks to the modular concept, which allows for switching between for example lead-acid and lithium-ion on the same truck.

Toyota Material Handling also offers visitors the unique opportunity to take a journey into the future with the ‘Future Technology Tour’. The tour shows a number of creative concepts, designed to be thought-provoking for visitors, who are invited to give feedback.

In this area, customers are given an insight to lean production, how the Toyota Production System is implemented in Toyota manufacturing processes, and what the quality implications are. Because of the quality and reliability of Toyota trucks, Toyota Material Handling is also able to offer customers approved used trucks as an alternative to new ones. These vehicles offer the same Toyota quality as new trucks since they are serviced by Toyota technicians with genuine Toyota parts throughout their lives and refurbished afterwards; the only difference is that customers pay a lower cost. Visitors can meet the Toyota experts at Hall 25 to explore Toyota Used solutions, where they can learn how to order used machines online and how these trucks can be connected and function as Smart Trucks.

In the Smart Dynamics dome, Toyota Material Handling will challenge everyone’s beliefs about logistics management by showing how information from connected or Smart Trucks via I_Site technology can be used to monitor and improve all aspects of logistics operations, such as safety, energy, service, and operators.