Fast, Reliable, and now even Safer

16th September 2020

Logistics BusinessFast, Reliable, and now even Safer

STILL, the Hamburg-based logistics supplier, have expanded their product portfolio and now offers their EXH series of low lift pallet trucks and EXD series of double stacker trucks with a fixed stand-on platform.

“This fixed platform on the new EXH-S and EXD-S models provides a comfortable, convenient workplace with very good all-round protection. Especially when space is limited on loading ramps or in a lorry, it is a major advantage that the driver’s cab has a solid frame, while the compact vehicle dimensions still leave enough space to manoeuvre pallets. This means all the parts of the body stay inside the truck’s contour, thus ensuring a high level of work safety at all times,” explains Maik Eckerkunst, warehouse technology product manager. “With the EXH-SF, EXH-S, EXD-SF and EXD-S we now have a strong quartet on the market in the product range of low lift pallet trucks and double stacker trucks, which inspire confidence through high safety, large load capacities, powerful ramp movement, and now an even higher level of goods handling performance.”

There are three variants of the fixed stand-on platform on the two new STILL models: with a rear entry driver’s workplace for frequent loading ramp movements, with a side entry for longer transport distances, or with a backrest when the order-picking of goods is the main focus. A feature shared by all variants is the air-damped stand-on platform to protect the operator’s back even in harsh working conditions. This system reduces body vibrations by up to 40%. Drivers can set the suspension to suit their own individual needs or body weight. An integrated air compressor is optionally available to allow this adjustment simply by pushing a button. This relieves physical stress, particularly when operators change often, and especially during long shifts or if there are frequent movements on the loading ramp. It also means maximum comfort for the driver when entering the truck: the platform’s entry height is very low, making it easier for the operator to access the truck. This is of great advantage during tasks involving frequent entering and leaving the truck, e.g. during order-picking or when loading and unloading goods vehicles.

Another comfort feature: the height-adjustable STILL Easy Drive steering wheel can be controlled with just one hand – by both left and right-handed operators. The Easy Drive rocker switches guarantee not only sensitive, safe operation of the lift function, but also control of the driving, lifting and steering functions at the same time – and all without changing grip. An extra level of safety is provided by the optional foot sensor, which is available for the truck variant with a rear entry. This sensor detects whether the operator’s feet are within the truck’s contour. To ensure safety, the truck automatically reduces its speed when there is a contact with the photoelectric sensor.

Both of these endurance runners can be used “round the clock” when necessary. Due to the optional maintenance-free Li-Ion technology, intermediate charging of both the EXH-S 20/25 and the EXD-S 20 via small, decentralised charging stations is easy, even during short work breaks. The truck can also be fitted with a built-in charger if required. In this case, the charging process can take place via a normal electric power socket. Both trucks can also be equipped for lateral battery change as an additional option. To do this, the battery is mounted on rollers and removed sideways. When the locking lever is released the battery is given an initial push, thus making removal from the battery compartment significantly easier, and protecting the operator’s back.

The two newcomers are the slimmest trucks on the market, with a total width of only 720 mm – and thus 80 mm narrower than a Europallet lengthwise. This makes them especially manoeuvrable in confined shelf aisles, and they are ideally suited for use on a loading ramp. At the same time, both machines are currently almost unbeatable with regard to their goods handling performance. Powerful driving and lifting motors give the EXH-S 20/25 a load-carrying capacity of up to 2,500 kg, and an (optional) top speed of incredible 14 km/h. This enables the “sprinter” among low lift pallet trucks to tackle all tasks reliably and quickly. The 5-wheel drive system guarantees optimum traction and high lateral stability, even on irregular floors. The EXD-S 20 double stacker truck is a real 3-in-1 all-rounder: up to 2,000 kg as a low lift pallet truck, two pallets each weighing 1,000 kg in double stacker operation, or a load-carrying capacity of up to 1,200 kg when used as a high lift pallet truck. And all of this with a maximum speed of 10 km/h. The STILL Dynamic Drive Control function automatically adjusts this maximum speed depending on load weight and lift height. This enables the truck to achieve the highest goods handling performance with maximum safety. Lift heights up to 2,424 mm are easily reached. Damped support rollers ensure it never deviates from its path, even on irregular floors.

Thanks to the Blue-Q energy-saving program fitted as standard, and their low energy consumption, the new transport trucks also race to the top in the energy efficiency stakes, thus ensuring maximum availability when in use. Product manager Eckerkunst is confident that, “these equipment features -the powerful performance, convenient operation, compact construction and dependable flexibility of our new machines will be of great benefit to users for a long time.”