Excellence and Merit Awards Won by Trelleborg Wheel Systems

12th July 2019

Logistics BusinessExcellence and Merit Awards Won by Trelleborg Wheel Systems

Trelleborg Wheel Systems has picked up two noteworthy accolades from Hyster-Yale Group, the ‘Excellence in Quality’ award and the ‘Certificate of Merit’ for achieving quality and delivery targets.

Hyster-Yale Group’s Supplier Award program is designed to recognize its most valuable suppliers that have met and exceeded requirements and have contributed to the company’s success through their services.

Nicolas Nollé, OEM Director Worldwide for Material Handling & Construction Tyres at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “Being awarded and recognized as a company that follows high standards is a great honour and it is a demonstration of the focus, dedication, and the constant drive we have to be a collaborative and strategic partner to our customers.

“These acknowledgments demonstrate and underline the commitment of Trelleborg towards Hyster-Yale Group and all our customers, to provide the best overall performance in quality and on-time delivery.”

In accordance with the Hyster-Yale Group annual supplier expectations and continuous improvement program, Trelleborg’s ability to consistently achieve best in class quality has been rewarded and recognized as extremely valuable. Furthermore, another essential aspect for which Trelleborg has distinguished itself, is the capability to respond quickly whilst ensuring a high standard of quality.

Trelleborg received a 2018 target for quality performance below 300 PPM, a delivery performance target of 100% and a minimum acceptable performance of 98.99% with no stock outs. These thresholds have been significantly exceeded throughout the year.

“These awards represent great achievements and we aim to continue to serve the industry with the same quality and performance throughout this year and the years to come,” Nollé concludes.

The ‘Excellence in Quality’ Award for 2018 was presented on April 9th 2019, during the annual Hyster-Yale Group Supplier Awards Ceremony held in Scotland. The ‘Certificate of Merit’ for achieving quality and delivery targets was received on May 15th.