Double Deck High Lift from STILL a “Warehouse Enforcer”

2nd April 2019

Logistics BusinessDouble Deck High Lift from STILL a “Warehouse Enforcer”

STILL has strengthened of its product portfolio in the low-platform truck area with the EXH-SF 20/25 model. Building on the same platform, users of the EXD-SF double-deck high-lift truck also benefit from numerous technical innovations. These machines, the narrowest on the market at only 720 mm, have an exceptionally compact, ergonomic design with a unique sprung platform suspension. In this respect, the EXH-SF with a 2,500 kg load capacity for demanding applications, and the EXD-SF with a load capacity of 1,000 kg on the mast lift with 1,000 kg on the initial lift, were developed for double-deck transport and movements into storage up to a height of 2,942 mm – depending on the lift mast. This makes the two new machines really powerful enforcers in the warehouse.

The double-deck machine reaches a maximum speed of 10 km/h and uses STILL Dynamic Drive Control to automatically adapt it to the load weight and lift height. As soon as the lift height reaches above 1,800 mm, the EXD-SF changes to slow-speed mode to guarantee safe operation. The double-deck lift truck can be fitted with a load protection grill for added safety and security, with the result that the side-arms can stay folded out at a lift height above 1,800 mm. As a result of the double-deck transport and assistance functions, the EXD-SF ensures increased performance when used for goods truck loading and unloading on a ramp, in the pre-zone and in the warehouse.

Product trainer Maik Eckerkunst explains “Through their slim design, we have optimised the machines for goods truck loading and unloading: this means the trucks allow more latitude when shunting on the load floor, thus permitting safe, precise manoeuvring through narrow shelf aisles with oncoming traffic,” and adds another plus point: “The improved ergonomics relieve the load on drivers, who gain a more attractive, more convenient workplace.”