Compact Charging Solution Utilizes Potential

26th May 2024

Logistics BusinessCompact Charging Solution Utilizes Potential

In many warehouses, room is available but not utilized effectively. Every square meter left idle due to inadequate planning represents financial losses for operators. Fronius Perfect Charging’s Project Business Team solves this problem with individualized charging solutions. In collaboration with customers, the charging specialists, design and implement compliant facilities that maximize the full potential for performance and cost optimization.

“Thanks to our compact charging room, companies can now utilize their warehouse areas more efficiently while optimizing their operational processes,” summarizes Stefan Schöftner, Sales Manager at Fronius Perfect Charging Germany. “Our goal is to offer solutions that meet the intralogistical challenges and enable efficient, cost-saving operations for our customers.”

Optimizing space usage

Fronius Perfect Charging’s compact charging room ensures optimal space utilization even in limited intralogistics settings. Based on a flexible modular principle, the system components can be combined and expanded as needed. The benefits are clear: Space savings allow companies to not only use their warehouse areas more efficiently but also reduce operating costs. Additionally, handling efforts are minimized: The right equipment saves time while ensuring user safety and operational efficiency.

“Our solutions offer not only high flexibility and adaptability but can also be tailored to the needs of our customers,” emphasizes Stefan Schöftner. As demand increases and companies grow, their warehouses often need to be enlarged or modified. “Our modular charging solution can be easily dismantled and rebuilt or expanded elsewhere by the user. This offers a huge advantage: If the forklift fleet changes and the charging area needs to be enlarged, the charging station simply grows with it,” adds Schöftner.

Compliant and expandable

Each custom solution is implemented according to applicable standards meeting the highest safety standards for all parties involved. Additionally, Fronius offers training to prevent application errors in advance.

If an operator decides to connect and centrally control its charging infrastructure, this can be done at any time with Charge&Connect – Fronius’ digitalization option. Furthermore, users can easily connect their charging solutions to their own PV system. “This allows for greater independence from the power grid and the use of self-generated solar power for fleet charging. If it turns out that the required space in the warehouse is still too limited, we can also offer charging outdoor solutions,” explains Schöftner.

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