B&B Attachments Provide Handling Solutions to Emirates Concrete Manufacturer

21st August 2017

Logistics BusinessB&B Attachments Provide Handling Solutions to Emirates Concrete Manufacturer

Located in Sharjah – United Arab Emirates, Arabian German Co Ltd is one of the first companies in the region to specialise in the manufacturing of precast Concrete products.

Arabian Germany is the largest manufacturer of Kerbstone in the Middle East. It has invested over DHS. 80 Million into its production capacity, which houses the most technologically advanced Interlock factory operating today. Since 1977 Arabian Germany Co. Ltd. has been the premium force behind the road networks in the U.A.E, supplying various specially designed concrete products throughout the emirates. The factories at Arabian German Co Ltd. operate 24 hours a day with production, dispatch and store keeping functioning around the clock.

To ensure that the company is running at its maximum efficiently levels, Arabian Germany contacted B&B Attachments to support its ever increasing material handling requirements. B&B Attachments is the leading fork lift truck attachment company in the UK and Ireland. Its factory based in North East England specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke forklift truck attachment solutions, creating products for customers’ with specific material handling requirements.

Discussions were held with Arabian Germany co. Ltd to understand its requirements for ensuring on-site safety and increased productivity when handling its vast array of concrete products.
B&B supplied the concrete manufacturer with two overhead J200 Block Clamp Attachments from its BlockMaster range. The J200 is a specialist overhead block clamp designed for the flag and kerb market. Rated at 2000kg, it is ideal for production and loading, with an inside height of 600mm and an opening range of up to 1100mm, with also side shift facility. This hydraulic attachment is available in a range of capacities, opening ranges and gripper bar lengths. This robust and durable attachment is ideal for flag and kerb applications.

Anwar Al-Azhari, Manager at Arabian Germany Co. Ltd. comments ‚ÄúThese attachments provided by B&B attachments have made a big difference to our on-site productivity. It is vital that we handle our full range of products in the safest and most efficient way, eliminating the risk of any damage to the concrete. B&B have made the ordering process very simple for us, understanding our requirements and providing us with high quality attachments that have not only met but surpassed our requirements.”