A closer look at user-friendliness and efficiency

16th June 2015

Logistics BusinessA closer look at user-friendliness and efficiency

With the new KM 125/130 R, Karcher is offering a technologically high-quality sweeper in the 125 cm class. The new development focused on combining high user-friendliness with efficient operation. Compared with its predecessor, the machine unites a number of features which have already been successfully employed in smaller machines. This includes the unique rotating brush which makes cleaning corners effortless; extraordinary manoeuvrability; positioning of the main sweeper roller on the rear axis for easy maintenance and safe crossing of floor bumps and ramps as well as fully automated, continuous filter cleaning using compressed air.

A detailed look at the most important new features

For cleaning difficult corners, Karcher has developed what is known as a rotating brush. This is mounted between the main roller brush and the side brush and is an optional extra. Combined with the machine’s high manoeuvrability, dirt can be completely picked up from corners with one action. The usual crescent-shaped brush will still continue to be useful.

The roller brush positioned on the rear axle can be removed and replaced in a flash without using tools. Good accessibility allows quick visual checks and easy removal of stuck sweepings such as wires, threads and paper. In addition, the position of the roller brush allows bumps to be traversed safely and ramps to be driven up or down, since the roller brush and sealing lips are lifted together with the rear wheels. This prevents the sweeper from getting stuck. Thanks to the larger roller diameter, the throwing height of the sweepings is also increased, allowing the enlarged sweeping container (130 l) to be filled easily.

The Karcher TACT filter cleaning technology ensures the performance remains consistently high. Every 15 seconds, one of the three flat pleated filters is automatically cleaned with a blast of compressed air. This increases the service life of the filter and frees the operator from the task.

With a working width of 125 cm, the area performance of the new KM 125/130 R is up to 10,000 m?/h (with one side brush). Together with the countless new features, this makes the machine a universal unit for use in logistics, as well as in the most diverse of commercial environments such as manufacturing, warehouses, yards, parks and much more. Karcher Fleet, the fleet management system, is also available as an optional extra for the machine. This allows close incorporation into a larger fleet of cleaning machines and access to the machine data for optimised use and maintenance.