Fast charging of workstation batteries

28th October 2022

Logistics BusinessFast charging of workstation batteries

As with the e-car, fast charging of mobile workstation batteries seems to be as valuable as changing systems. Recognising this, ACD Elektronik has added two new mobile workstations to its product portfolio, the MAX 400 Li-Ion and the MAX 500 Li-Ion.

True to the motto “charging instead of changing”, the new MAX models have been designed with the latest charging technology, eliminating the need for tedious and time-consuming battery changes. “The MAX 500 Li-Ion is charged to 80% in under two hours, so that working in multi-shift operation with many consumers such as laptop, scanner and printer is possible without any problems,” says Julia Höß, Product Manager at ACD Elektronik GmbH.

If the quick charging is still not enough, the mobile workstation can be simply charged and operated at the same time. Both new models can also be used without restrictions during charging thanks to the bypass circuit. “The fast charging as well as the simultaneous charging and operating thanks to the bypass are two new highlights in our product portfolio,” says Andreas Zwißler, Managing Director of ACD Elektronik GmbH.

With this rounding off of the product portfolio, a logical step in the development of mobile workstations was continued. Thanks to the five different power classes (375 VA, 400 VA, 500 VA, 750 VA and 1200 VA) and corresponding specialisations such as fast charging or bypass switching, a very large product spectrum is covered. “Due to the modern charging technology and charging in the fastest possible time, up to 90% of all applications in the field can be covered with the two new MAX models. So there is a suitable solution for every process,” says Höß.

Proven technology remains

The advantages of Li-ion technology are also part of the new MAX models. The mobile workstations are noticeably lighter, intermediate charging is possible during breaks, for example, and the service life of the batteries is significantly longer. The mobile desks are also convincing due to the extensive modular system with many add-on equipment and a multitude of accessories. Customer-specific accessories or new add-on parts are also conceivable at any time and can be implemented individually and quickly.

The MAX mobile workstation can be easily and intuitively assembled on the ACD Elektronik website in the online configurator, and test devices with individual equipment are possible at any time free of charge.