DP World invests €80m in HSE innovations

24th October 2022

Logistics BusinessDP World invests €80m in HSE innovations

DP World has reduced the risk of injury by 40% across its European portfolio by investing €80m in key safety practices and equipment upgrades, as well as improving reliability using the latest digital software.

The global end-to-end logistics and smart trade enabler has always put employee safety at the centre of its daily operations and has a strong record on safety in Europe, but DP World believes it has made huge progress in safety and accident prevention in the last 12 months due to significant investments in smart solutions.

Combined with innovation and employee experience, DP World’s redefined HSE practices are resulting in a marked improvement in safety, which in turn enhances productivity trade movement across the continent.

Enoma Woghiren, Regional Head of HSSE for DP World Europe, said: “With 20 terminals in 12 countries across the breadth of Europe, and 8,000 staff to care for, we have been guided by our first ever Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Risk annual report, a North Star for our efforts to become a beneficial and safe logistics operator. Our activities across the continent are creating a safety benchmark for us as an organisation and our industry peers in Europe and beyond.”

Facilities in terminals in, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Turkey are prime examples of the innovative DP World approach to reducing safety risk.

In Belgium, DP World Antwerp has built a world-first straddle carrier platform and refuelling station. The €2m, 150m-high structure was opened in September 2021, allowing drivers to get on and off their tall vehicles safely, while also creating a shielded safe zone for fuelling, cleaning and inflating tyres.

The platform allows drivers to enter the straddle carriers at cab level, thereby removing the risk of them climbing the ladder into the cab. The tyre inflation station protects staff from the risk of injury from parts being pushed out due to air pressure and improves productivity by inflating tyres in just two minutes rather than 15.

The investment in the platform is part of DP World Antwerp’s wider €200m investment to increase capacity and productivity using an approach that will redefine sustainability at the terminal by continually enhancing safety features and reducing its carbon emissions.

Another such feature which has recently been launched is its Route 1700 mobile app, which protects truck drivers from harm by giving them the option to complete their pre-shift administrative processes before entering the port vicinity where there are lots of moving vehicles.

Elsewhere in the region, DP World Yarimca, Turkey, is finding innovative ways to make safety smarter. This terminal has recently adopted Digital Surveyor, which allows customers and employees to view the work being done on vessels remotely, thereby reducing the number of people on-site and reducing the risk of accidents.

The cutting-edge analysis software can inspect and assess safety levels and risk in marine vessels and their cargo. This process is normally carried out by an individual and can take 78-hours a month per vessel. For a small-scale port, this process is repeated 10,360 times for an average of 1,480 containers every month – which equates to significantly reduced capacity and revenue.

DP World Yarimca’s new technology is reclaiming all this lost time, while also identifying and reducing potential risks and their related costs. That means safer employees and customers, reduced ongoing costs and increased capacity.

In the Netherlands, Rotterdam World Gateway has invested in more sustainable electric vehicles and has identified the potential risk of an increase in battery fires, which can happen as batteries age or are damaged in any way. To prevent this, the team have built an on-site battery pool, where they can sink at-risk batteries in water until they can be repaired or sustainably disposed of.

Celebrating the region’s safety accomplishments, Woghiren concluded: “At DP World we want to change what’s possible. We are committed to introducing the latest technology to enhance our proposition and our operations across the globe, but this is not just enhancing our customer experience and enabling growth – it is also allowing us to reduce the carbon emissions generated by our terminals and making them safer places to work and visit.

“This focus on innovation has allowed us to make huge strides in terms of improving the overall safety at our terminals and we will continue to enhance the safety features as we grow and evolve to meet the future needs of our customers and employees.”