Wijgula Launches Inland Tanker For French Waterways

12th September 2016

Logistics BusinessWijgula Launches Inland Tanker For French Waterways

Wijnhoff & van Gulpen & Larsen B.V. (Wijgula), part of IMPERIAL Logistics International, has launched a new inland waterway tanker for transporting iron(III) chloride. The tanker will transport iron(III) chloride from the French production site of Produits Chimiques de Loos, which is part of the Tessenderlo Group, from Loos near Lille to Paris. The product will be used in sewage treatment.

The tanker is precisely adapted to the dimension restrictions necessary when transporting goods on French domestic waterways. The vessel’s capacity of 750 tonnes replaces about 30 trucks on each journey. Wijgula has leased the tanker to IMPERIAL Logistics SARL, Hambach (France).