Sustainable Supply Chains

17th September 2020

Logistics BusinessSustainable Supply Chains

Prologis, a global leader in logistics real estate, has launched ‘Prologis Essentials Marketplace’ for Europe, a handy procurement platform that helps customers quickly set up, integrate or upgrade their warehouse operations with sustainable and cost-saving technologies, products and services. This online resource offers a raft of key warehouse interior products and fully managed instalment processes including Prologis SolarSmart, a green energy generation system that helps customers reduce the impact of their operations on the environment. Other products available include warehouse racking and forklift solutions.

Prologis’ scale and expertise have enabled the company to forge partnerships with trusted suppliers, allowing them to offer customers easy access to the equipment they need at attractive rates. Across Europe, 108 customers have already signed up to their solar energy systems, amounting to 78 megawatt (MW) of solar energy production annually. This is enough to meet the energy consumption needs of 20,000 households and to avoid 32 kilotons of CO2 emissions a year. Prologis aims to add another 150MW of solar panels across Europe by 2025 which would generate sufficient energy for 38,000 households and reduce CO2 emissions by 61 kt annually.

Ben Bannatyne, President of Prologis Europe, said: “Our global scale really enables our customers to benefit from innovative, tested procurement services and products, at attractive market rates. The understanding we have of our customers’ space and business needs, together with our established network of suppliers, allows us to provide solutions which go far beyond the real estate. Via Prologis Essentials Marketplace, our customers can take advantage of products like ‘smart’ LED lighting (helping improve employee wellbeing, energy consumption and costs), solar energy systems, racking and forklifts, through managed processes to help with warehouse set-up or upgrading existing operations.”

In addition to Prologis’ Essentials Marketplace in Europe, the next phases of the platform will include Facility Management and Customer Resource services, to provide the highest care in all customer interactions.