New 20,000 m² Warehouse in Istanbul

4th July 2023

Logistics BusinessNew 20,000 m² Warehouse in Istanbul

In the year of cargo-partner’s fifth anniversary in Türkiye, the international transport and logistics provider has opened a new iLogistics Center with 20,000 m² of warehouse space in Istanbul. Close to the new Istanbul airport and the region’s main seaports, and ideally connected to Europe via North Marmara Highway, the Center offers a wide range of logistics services to cargo-partner’s customers in Türkiye.

With a total storage area of 20,000 m², including 5,850 m² of bonded warehouse space, cargo-partner’s iLogistics Center Istanbul represents a new milestone for the company’s organization in Türkiye. The new iLogistics Center will create more than 85 new jobs, increasing the total number of cargo-partner employees in Türkiye to almost 250 by the end of the year. cargo-partner established its Türkiye branch in 2018 and now offers its services at eleven locations in the country. The company’s particular strengths in Türkiye include temperature-controlled foodstuffs shipments as well as EMERGENCY services by air and road. In addition, to combat the recent driver shortages in Europe, the logistics provider is offering a growing number of short sea services as an alternative to trucking.

Over 20,000 pallet slots and flexible multi-modal services

The warehouse provides a capacity of more than 20,000 pallet slots and has 17 loading docks for all vehicle types, enabling fast trans-shipment, customs bonded warehousing and distribution throughout the region. The facility’s modern design allows for efficient handling and storage of oversized goods, flexible multi-modal services and comprehensive high-tech logistics solutions. Part of the new warehouse is dedicated to fulfilment services, including a parcel pickup and return point. The warehouse is an important addition to cargo-partner’s network in the region and was added due to strong demand from cargo-partner’s customers for warehousing services.

New head office for cargo-partner in Türkiye

In addition to the warehouse facility, the building also contains modern office spaces, providing the new base of operations for cargo-partner’s head office in Türkiye. “Istanbul is not just the heart of trade in Türkiye, but also a major hub for the entire surrounding region. This year we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye along with the 40th anniversary of cargo-partner and the fifth anniversary of cargo-partner in Türkiye – a perfect occasion to diversify our services and strengthen our position in the country. This new, intelligent logistics facility will enable us to provide a range of fulfillment services for online retailers and meet the requirements of current and future logistics challenges,” said Kürşad Tanrıverdi, Managing Director of cargo-partner Türkiye.

Group-wide support of earthquake relief efforts

Since Türkiye was struck by devastating earthquakes in February 2023, cargo-partner’s country and corporate management have been working side by side with non-profit organizations to support local relief activities. The logistics provider has sent numerous trucks with much-needed supplies to the worst-affected areas: from water, food, blankets and hygiene products up to container houses, emergency tents, generators and tools. In addition, the company collected a total of 200,000 euros, donated by employees and the management, which were used to help those affected by the earthquakes. Most recently, during Türkiye’s Sacrifice Feast in June, cargo-partner organized a truck shipment of foodstuffs, hygiene products and bottled water to support families in the province of Hatay in Southern Türkiye.