European Portfolio gets Project in Croatia

14th November 2023

Logistics BusinessEuropean Portfolio gets Project in Croatia

Accolade Group, a leading investor in modern industrial and manufacturing properties across Europe, has announced its expansion into Croatia, marking the seventh European country in its portfolio. This move is part of the group’s strategic goal to grow in regions with high demand and potential for future development.

The group has successfully acquired a building permit for its inaugural project, an industrial building situated north of Zagreb. This project, sprawling over approximately 50,000 m², serves as a stepping stone for further expansion in Southern Europe.

Key Highlights of the Croatian Project:

• Location: The industrial site is located in the Donja Bistra region, near Zagreb, offering easy access to important trade routes and neighboring countries.
• Strategic Importance: Croatia’s recent entry into the Eurozone and Schengen Area, coupled with its skilled workforce and infrastructural advantages, makes it an ideal investment location.
• Future Plans: Accolade is exploring several other locations in Croatia for developing additional industrial zones.

Sustainable and Modern Infrastructure:

• The Zagreb project will feature modern, sustainable buildings aiming for the highest BREEAM sustainability certification.
• Innovations include thermal insulation, utility monitoring, photovoltaic power systems, LED lighting, and environmentally friendly outdoor spaces.

Expansion Beyond Zagreb:

• Accolade is also considering significant locations like the port of Rijeka, Varaždin, Split, and Osijek for future developments.
• A Croatian team has been established, with plans to open a new office in Zagreb shortly.

Milan Kratina, CEO of Accolade, commented, “We are eager to tap into Croatia’s untapped potential and contribute to its growing industrial infrastructure. Our goal is to uncover exciting locations and maximize their potential, just as we have done in other regions.”

This expansion not only signifies Accolade’s growth but also highlights Croatia’s rising importance in the European industrial landscape.