Scanner and Glove Mount Combo Promises Greater Efficiency

2nd July 2019

Logistics BusinessScanner and Glove Mount Combo Promises Greater Efficiency

Denso Wave Europe’s new SF1 Wearable is a combination of a scanner and a glove mount that can be worn comfortably on the wrist. Users can work with both hands, thus increasing work safety. The scanner is extremely robust and does not only increase safety, but also improves efficiency, especially in a logistics and warehouse management system.

In a warehouse management and order picking environment, work safety is not the only thing that plays a major role. Ergonomic aspects must also be considered, as well as work efficiency. They both heavily influence daily operations. In addition, companies are focusing more and more on employee satisfaction.

Kaber Kolioutsis, Marketing Communication Specialist at Denso Wave Europe, explains: “The biggest advantage of our new wearable is that users have both hands free. This makes tasks much easier, for example order picking, and helps increase work safety. Furthermore, because its inner frame is made of magnesium, the SF1 is extremely robust, which is an essential feature in warehousing and logistics. It can withstand up to 3,000 drops from a height of half a metre. What makes magnesium special is that it is not only very robust but also very light. Hence, the SF1 scores both with its robustness and its light weight.”

The ergonomic design of the SF1 is another advantage. In comparison to ring scanners, where the entire weight of the scanner rests on the fingers, the very light 80 grams of the SF1 are evenly distributed over the whole hand of the worker. Kolioutsis adds: “Users of the SF1 can work intuitively, because the device indicates by vibration, or the flashing of different LEDs or a beep, if the corresponding barcodes have been scanned correctly. That is a great advantage especially in very loud surroundings.”