Open Door to Future of Industrial Automation

5th July 2023

Logistics BusinessOpen Door to Future of Industrial Automation

At the SPS manufacturing event in Parma, Italy, Bonfiglioli presented technologies including its mechatronic solutions for industrial automation, packaging and intralogistics, robotics and IoT.

The flow pack packaging process requires automatic machines that can keep up with high production rates, for which Bonfiglioli offers a wide range of compact, modular, dynamic and high-precision drive and control solutions for both horizontal and vertical forming, filling and sealing machines. These include the package on display during the three-day event, featuring a TQ in-line high precision planetary gearbox combined with a BMD permanent magnet synchronous servomotor and AxiaVert smart inverter, the latter characterised by high application versatility. In addition, the company is able to ensure maximum handling speed for finished products during the palletization process thanks to a solution that incorporates our BMD synchronous servomotor, Series A right-angle gear unit and ANG Series servo inverter.

Two intralogistics solutions were also presented at the fair. The first solution for post & parcel use and airport baggage handling systems consisted of a compact right-angle Series A gear unit available in a wide torque range, the IE4-certified BSR synchronous reluctance motor – an ecological and high-performance product thanks to the absence of magnets, and a DGM MPM decentralized inverter with sensorless vector operation for optimal dynamics control. The second solution designed for roller conveyors combined the EVOX CP helical in-line gearbox with smooth surface that can be fitted to any machine thanks to its compatibility with market standards, the MXN asynchronous low-voltage e-motor (IE3) developed to be modular, reliable, energy efficient and internationally certified, and a DGM MPM sensorless inverter.

Visitors got an up-close look at the two successful applications designed in partnership with Modula S.p.a. and I.DE S.r.l., for which Bonfiglioli has developed complete and tailor-made technical solutions.

The latest frontier in mobile collaborative robotics applications

Bonfiglioli also showcased its technologies for Cartesian, delta and articulated robots, the latter solution consisting of a custom precision planetary gearbox and servomotor developed for ABB.
Still in the field of mobile robotics applications, there was a strong interest in BlueRoll: the platform of high-performing wheel-mounted gearmotors for AGVs and AMRs with an ultra-compact and energy-efficient design for a long operating cycle. The modular drive system comes in three configurations, Basic, Advanced and Compact, with a customisable single gearbox load ranging from 360 to 1020 kg and a maximum speed of 2m/s.

Bonfiglioli’s IoT enables condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

Downtime, sudden breakdowns, high maintenance costs, short life spans and collateral damage to assets are some of the greatest issues faced by industrial machinery manufacturers and operators. As a technological partner, the Bologna-based group offers condition monitoring and predictive maintenance services, as well as post-sales assistance. Bonfiglioli responds to customer needs to monitor the general status of gearboxes and motors with its IoT platform, thanks to the presence of sensors capable of measuring performance, consumption and cycle times by monitoring significant parameters such as vibrations or temperature. The predictive maintenance service, on the other hand, helps prevent damage and downtime by making key data accessible to predict technical assistance interventions in advance.

“We have designed specific sensors for Bonfiglioli motors and gearboxes,” commented Marco Bertoldi – Global Sales & Business Development Director at Bonfiglioli. “The recent acquisition of Selcom Group S.p.A. has allowed us to expand our knowledge of engineering and design for the integration of electronics into our mechanical solutions, enhancing our offer of turnkey mechatronic solutions”, he concluded, highlighting the advantages of this collaboration, with the customised DC-DC converter and display for Toyota and the customised PLC for Robopack also on display.

The Bonfiglioli Group undertakes to reduce the environmental impact of all stages along its supply chain, limiting the energy consumption of factories and plants, while developing and promoting solutions for green economy sectors such as wind power, recycling and photovoltaics. Our environmental commitment translates into innovative energy efficiency solutions and products with a low environmental impact, as we ensure a responsible supply chain: our research and development teams constantly strive to explore new ways to reduce environmental impact and create products with a reduced carbon footprint. In the 4.0 area at SPS dedicated to sustainability, the EVOX ecosystem, featuring the CP range of high-performance coaxial gear units, BXN IE3 asynchronous motors and Agile series inverters, is ideal for applications that require precision and flexibility.