New Inserter “Can Fill Up to 30,000 Envelopes per Hour”

4th March 2019

Logistics BusinessNew Inserter “Can Fill Up to 30,000 Envelopes per Hour”

Böwe Systec has now announced the Fusion Speed inserter. The company says it is capable of higher speeds of up to 30,000 envelopes per hour and can handle a range of formats from B6+ and #7 ¾ to B5 and 6 x 9. It will be shown to the public for the first time at the inserting specialist’s open day in Augsburg on May 14 this year and it should be ready for a commercial launch in 2020.

“Market feedback gave us the idea for the Fusion Speed. This new high-performance inserting machine and its exceptional speed mean that we can generate even more output for our customers and they can achieve a return on investment from the machine within a short period of time”, reports Wulf Böttcher, Product Manager Inserting at Böwe Systec.

What sets both the (earlier) Fusion Cross and the Fusion Speed apart from other inserting systems is their unique inserting technique, the so-called Flow-Principle, says the company. This slows the filling speed down 4.5-fold to allow more time for the actual filling process, enabling different envelope formats and difficult enclosures up to 15 mm thick and weighing up to 1 kg to be handled – and all without stopping. This special inserting process ensures a stable production flow and results in the industry’s highest net output.