New Anti-Corrosion Package Offered by Manufacturer

1st February 2016

Logistics BusinessNew Anti-Corrosion Package Offered by Manufacturer

In an effort to raise the benchmark in corrosion protection, TCM forklifts is offering a new anti-corrosion assurance for its counterbalance truck range (FTB, FB and FHB). Its new CPP (Corrosion Protection Package) has been introduced “to ensure that the highest level of protection is built-in for industries which have essential corrosion protection standards or who need to protect equipment from aggressive operating environments”.

Typically food and chemicals sectors have impeccable hygiene and safety standards. TCM says its forklifts which carry their CPP option are able to support and maintain these essential needs by ensuring protecting against rust.

The company says that the higher level of protection is available because the forklifts are coated with high-quality alloys to ensure comprehensive rust protection. This makes it easier to meet food standards such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Moreover, customers benefit from an increased life time of the trucks and from lower repair costs.

The CPP includes two treatment stages, giving all parts of the forklift permanent resistance to corrosion and humidity. With the thermal spraying process, the chassis, all mast components, footplate, battery cover, side panels, controller cover and the counterweight are alloyed with 85 percent zinc and 15 percent aluminium in the first stage.

After subsequent painting, the forklift is permanently protected from corrosion, even in the case of slight damage. When the colour paint is then applied, the formation of toxic zinc oxide is also prevented. In a second stage, the overhead protection guard undergoes cathodic dip painting (KTL). With this electrochemical process, the work piece is completely soaked in an immersion bath of electrically conductive paint and thus coated. One advantage of this method, according to TCM, is that cavities are also coated evenly.

The process is free of heavy metals and therefore very environmentally friendly. Other elements of the Corrosion Protection Package are galvanising the mast chain, conserving hose couplings with DENSO® tape and protecting all electric connections against moisture with Krytox® sealant. All parts of the chassis also have drainage openings, which channel the humidity back outside. Depending on the application, additional protection is available for electric motors and tilt cylinders.