Solutions for Food and Beverage Logistics

22nd December 2020

Logistics BusinessSolutions for Food and Beverage Logistics

Thousands of installed drive systems are making NORD Drivesystems one of the world’s leading suppliers of drive solutions across all branches of the food and beverage industry. Based on their extensive knowledge of applications and the versatile modular system, NORD drive experts are providing complete drive solutions for all branches of the industry from a single source.

Reliable drive solutions are an essential requirement for the entire value creation chain throughout the food and beverage industry. From storing, conveying and processing of raw materials to process engineering and filling right up to packaging and logistics – drive systems tailored to the specific application are required. They need to balance hygiene requirements, technological requirements and energy efficiency with product protection and demanding environmental conditions such as heat, cold or moisture in an economical way. In order to meet these requirements, NORD Drivesystems designs reliable and high-quality complete systems consisting of geared motors, frequency inverters and intelligent software.

Gentle and powerful pumping

Amongst others, NORD supplies pump drives with special functions tailored to the pumping medium such as high starting torques or soft start. Wall or motor-mounted frequency inverters facilitate decentralised automation concepts and mobile pumps with intelligent control concepts. In combination with the nsd tupH surface treatment, smooth surface motors and two-stage bevel gear unit based drives are created that combine light weight and high efficiency in a large number of variants with corrosion protection and hygienic smooth surfaces that are easy to clean. Even without a fan, they are achieving a considerably better heat dissipation than stainless steel drives while still featuring a similar corrosion protection. These properties are also required for drives in machines and systems for cutting and dosing as well as in CIP and SIP areas. Whether it comes to heating, cooling or freezing – NORD drive solutions are at home in all temperature zones and can be designed for extreme application conditions in cooking and baking lines or deep-freeze systems.

Agitating in all sizes

For processing steps such as agitating, mixing or kneading, NORD is building high-performance gear motors in all sizes with especially resilient output shaft bearings for high loads. For this application area, MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units with output torques from 15 to 282 kNm are especially suitable. They can now also be equipped with the new SAFOMI adapter: a flange with an integrated oil expansion tank, increasing operational reliability and requiring fewer wearing parts. NORD offers application-specific equipment options that combine high performance and efficiency, specifically designed for pumps, agitators and mixers with high process-related radial and axial bearing loads.

Perfect conveying, filling and packaging

Synchronous motors with frequency inverter and encoder feedback via absolute or incremental encoders enable highly economic and precise positioning applications and dynamic movement of small and large packaging units. NORD implements versatile solutions for horizontal, vertical and inclined conveyors as well as palletising systems, as well as customised drives for filling systems. With the intelligent NORD frequency inverters, soft start, braking ramp, braking and STO functions can be implemented. Multi-encoder operation, during which a frequency inverter can control up to four motors with encoders, is also possible. For intralogistic systems, NORD also offers the LogiDrive concept: a modular system for individual, economical drive concepts that achieve an optimal balance between energy efficiency and reduction of variants.