Crossbelt Sorter Playing Vital Role at Chinese Shoe Producer DC

7th November 2018

Logistics BusinessCrossbelt Sorter Playing Vital Role at Chinese Shoe Producer DC

Chinese shoe producer Aokang has put into operation its new distribution centre in Shanghai, in which Interroll’s vertical crossbelt sorter plays a vital role.

“Our idea was to create a distribution centre that benefits as much as possible from automated solutions, so as to maximize efficiency. We were planning for this project for some three years to find the best solution,” says Guo Yong, general manager at Aokang. “Due to limited space and very high distribution demand, it was quite a difficult mission. The Interroll vertical crossbelt sorter emerged as the best choice in terms of space utilization, logistics efficiency and reliability. Handling 100,000 pairs of shoes daily is a huge task that only can be achieved with the right partners.”

The overall solution with the Interroll vertical crossbelt sorter is designed for a capacity of 7,000 boxes per hour including 6,000 cartons and 1,000 shoe boxes, with 10 destination chutes serving 1,500 retail shops and another 10 destinations for online business providing a capacity of up to 50,000 online orders per day. The reliability and mechanical strength of the Interroll sorter has been proven worldwide. Positive drive of the mechanical crossbelt sorter is achieved via high-performance helical geared motors, which control the speed precisely and ensure high efficiency and accuracy, even for sensitive goods.