Böwe Systec Announces Parcel+Post Expo Plans

2nd September 2019

Logistics BusinessBöwe Systec Announces Parcel+Post Expo Plans

Sorting specialist Böwe Systec has announced its plans for next month’s Parcel+Post Expo in Amsterdam.

The rapid growth in the volume of items and the demand for ever shorter delivery times make it imperative to optimize processes. Smart sorting automation is an integrated concept from Böwe Systec that consists of a suite of solutions that do just that. As a one stop shop the automation specialist covers the entire post and parcel logistics chain and Böwe Systec customers receive a complete, all-embracing package from a single source.

With its OptiSorter, which can be installed as a horizontal or vertical variant depending upon the space available, Böwe Systec is showing an ideal, intuitively operated solution that delivers total flexibility and maximum performance. Handling up to 18,000 items per hour, the OptiSorter can cope with pretty much anything from banana boxes to lipsticks and even business cards. It can even handle the kinds of items that are often sent from Asia – very small and light, sometimes irregularly shaped and often wrapped in plastic film or sealed with adhesive tape. This is because of its unique Push-Tray technology, which ensures a gentle and, above all, reliable sorting process that comes into its own precisely where other systems hit their limits.

Another of the show highlights is the launch of the Double Split-Tray sorter. This has been specifically designed for sorting light items weighing up to 5 kilograms. Also known as a Bomb-Bay sorter, it comes into its own in areas such as e-commerce, omni-channel, retail fulfilment, post or pharmaceuticals. Its specially shaped trays mean that besides the usual standards it can also sort products such as clothing, books, pharmaceuticals, polybags, multimedia and flat items or jewellery. Irregularly shaped or round items can also be handled without any problem. Both sides of the tray open simultaneously and the item falls flat and directly into the sorting destination. Its major advantage is that the Double Split-Tray sorter is fitted with two compartments per tray, which doubles its capacity and shortens processing times.

For post and mixed mail sorting there is the Simex family, consisting of the Simex Letter and the Simex Flexi sorting systems. The Simex Flexi is able, for example, to sort small C6 postcards just as reliably as large B4 format letters up to 20 mm thick. Magazines, newspapers, catalogs or polywrapped items can all be processed by the system – at high speeds of up to 30,000 items per hour.

Both, OptiSorter and Simex systems, are controlled by the fully integrated Böwe Sort software. The consistent design of the software across all Böwe Systec systems and its intuitive operation lay the foundation for considerable productivity increases. Sorting schemes can be prepared in no time at all and processes are monitored from start to finish. Additional features such as automated returns processing or walk sorting further improve the sorting processes.

Anyone looking for competitive software platforms for intralogistics is looking in the right place by coming to Böwe Systec. Innovative Auto-ID systems including Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), and serialization solutions also form part of the product range of this automation specialist. With RFID there is nothing standing in the way of the one hundred percent tracking of goods in real time. All of which makes Böwe Systec the first port of call for integrated intralogistics solutions.

Make a success of your growth by visiting Böwe Systec on booth 1030 in Hall 8 at Parcel+Post Expo in Amsterdam from October 1 to 3 2019.