Clark introduces mono-mast high-lift pallet truck

29th June 2022

Logistics BusinessClark introduces mono-mast high-lift pallet truck

Clark has expanded its product range in the area of pallet trucks with another lift truck. The new WS10Mi is a high-lift truck with mono-mast and initial lift.

The WS10Mi is one of the entry-level models in the world of high-lift trucks. Thanks to its mono-lift mast and its maximum load capacity of up to 1000kg (1200kg initial lift), the areas of application of this nimble warehouse helper are many: The vehicle is suitable for transport over short distances, for stacking applications up to a lifting height of 1955mm or also as a mobile, ergonomic work table. The WS10Mi comes into its own especially when used on uneven floors, smaller ramps or weighing equipment, as the WS10Mi effortlessly overcomes inclines thanks to its initial lift (115mm).

The compact design of the high-lift truck also allows it to be used in space-critical work areas, for example in narrow racking aisles. The length of the truck including the back of the forks (l2) is just 600mm. Only a small amount of force is required to steer the manoeuvrable lift truck. This conserves the operator’s strength and relieves him of his workload. Due to the low vehicle weight of 520kg (including battery) and the resulting lower ground load, the vehicle can also be used on intermediate levels.

Safe and ergonomic load handling

The handle-optimised vehicle drawbar enables precise operation of all travel and lifting functions. In addition, the mono-lift frame offers the best possible view of the fork tips. The operator always keeps an overview and can position the unit safely and precisely as well as thread it unerringly into pallets. Like all models in the WS10 range, the WS10Mi has a low-slung vehicle frame to protect the operator’s feet and those around the vehicle.

The WS10Mi is equipped with maintenance-free block batteries and a built-in charger. This allows the battery to be recharged at any 230v socket. This increases availability and simplifies handling. The vehicle display informs the operator about the battery charge level as well as the operating hours driven.