World’s Largest AutoStore Warehouse Takes Element Logic Black Line

11th September 2019

Logistics BusinessWorld’s Largest AutoStore Warehouse Takes Element Logic Black Line

The world’s largest AutoStore warehouse, Boozt, is the first to adopt the new Black Line robots empowered by Element Logic.

At Boozt’s state of the art warehouse in Ängelholm, Sweden, the new Black Line robots from AutoStore are now up and running on the grid, as the first site of scale in the world.

“Black Line has many advantages, such as speed, reliability and smart battery solutions. At the end of the day it’s all about cost per transaction. We are excited to take our dedication to automation and development to the next level in cooperation with Element Logic and AutoStore,” says COO at Boozt, Niels Hemmingsen.

Boozt is a fast-growing online fashion business. In 2011 Boozt and COO Niels Hemmingsen had a 2000 sqm manual warehouse. Today they have the largest AutoStore facility in the world and are adopting the newest technology. The group generated net sales amounting to SEK 2.8 billion in 2018. When the current warehouse is fully utilized, it will house 500,000 bins and 500 robots.

“Boozt has constantly pushed us to raise the bar for what is possible. The limitations we saw two years ago don’t apply anymore. Element Logic, as well as the technology, are constantly improving,” says Chief Sales Officer at Element Logic, Håvard Hallås.

Element Logic’s focus is on delivering profitable warehouse solutions for it’s customers. Boozt has had 99.7% uptime and consistent fast picking – also during expansion phases. And 9 in 10 Boozt deliveries reach the customer within one day of their order. The technology from AutoStore has generated both speed-to-market and productivity gains.

“Blackline has the potential to yield even more efficiency. It is better suited for around the clock-operations with new technology, especially the new battery solutions. This will truly come to fruition at high seasonal peaks, such as Black Friday and holiday season,” Hallås says.