Unparalleled Fulfilment Centre for Decathlon

15th December 2023

Logistics BusinessUnparalleled Fulfilment Centre for Decathlon

Leading French sporting goods specialist Decathlon automated its intralogistics with FlashPick from TGW. The new Fulfilment Centre for Decathlon in Rouvignies (Northern France) is the high-performance backbone of Decathlon’s entire supply chain.

Fulfilment Centre for Decathlon

From there, the products are shipped to 25 regional storage centres. The intralogistics centre increases efficiency and flexibility and lays the foundation for a significant reduction in logistics costs thanks to the low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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TGW solves its customers’ supply chain challenges with highly automated, efficient and future-proof intralogistics systems. Every day, the vision of the autonomous fulfilment centre gives the company a renewed sense of motivation to give its best. In the core markets of Fashion & Apparel, Grocery and Industrial & Consumer Goods, TGW builds on strong partnerships that include everything from planning to implementation to lifetime services. In the 2022/2023 business year, TGW generated a total turnover of 955 million euros.

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