TGW presents new range of robotics

25th November 2022

Logistics BusinessTGW presents new range of robotics

Expanding its expertise in robotics, the TGW Logistics Group has revealed a comprehensive range of mobile robots called Quba. Described by TGW as intelligent and versatile, the  robots can transport totes, cartons and pallets autonomously and handle a wide range of tasks, including supplying packing or returns workstations as well as automatic palletising and depalletising stations.

TGW says it looks at mobile robotics from a holistic perspective and, through systematic process automation, provides answers to current challenges such as the increasingly difficult search for new employees, rapidly changing consumer behaviour or the dynamic development of e-commerce.

Family of solutions

The Quba family is made up of AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) and AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). Intelligent TGW software handles fleet management and controls the robots both individually and as a network.

“Mobile robots are a key technology for high-performance, flexible and future-proof intralogistics,” emphasises Harald Schröpf, Chief Executive Officer of the TGW Logistics Group. “By expanding our range in the area of driverless transport systems, TGW now offers a full package of high-performance door-to-door solutions that can also be integrated seamlessly into existing systems, both on a software and on a mechatronic level.”

TGW and SAFELOG: a strategic partnership

Recently, SAFELOG and TGW signed a strategic partnership agreement to foster their close collaboration. SAFELOG’s AGVs are already in use at many customer locations and have proven their reliability, whether in the automotive industry, machine engineering, production or intralogistics. Users benefit from scalable automation, high availability and short project times.

“We are very happy to have gained TGW, one of the leading general contractors in intralogistics, as a partner,” affirms SAFELOG Managing Director Mathias Behounek. “That shows that mobile robots are no longer an innovation project, but rather a tried and trusted mass market technology.”

Schröpf adds: “Our partnership with SAFELOG, one of the leading AGV specialists, opens up new possibilities for mobile robotics in intralogistics. Our customers will benefit from efficient, reliable and high-performance door-to-door solutions.”

Customer references

The advantages afforded by the Quba family have won over not only the Swiss coffee machine manufacturer Thermoplan, but also the workwear specialist Engelbert Strauss. For over a year now, mobile robots have been supplying the workstations at its CI Factory in Schlüchtern with goods.

The fashion company put its trust in TGW once again for its dispatch centre system in Biebergemünd: 26 Quba robots handle the autonomous transport of totes to the returns workstations there.