New Plastic Pallet Aimed At Retail Market

8th February 2016

Logistics BusinessNew Plastic Pallet Aimed At Retail Market

The new SF 800 H Retail Pallet is the latest model to join’s range of lightweight, nestable pallets.

The company claim it is “truly a retailer’s best friend” as it designed to withstand the rigours of a closed loop retail environment. They say it can be used for multiple tasks from order picking to transferring stock to the shop floor.

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said: “This new specialist version we’ve just launched offers multi-shop retailers and smaller shop chains considerable benefits over both wooden and paper pallets. Stock orders for transfer to stores can be picked or packed onto our SF 800 H Retail Pallets at the regional distribution centre (RDC) and then delivered to the store, on either a normal or double deck trailer. Upon arrival at the store, the loaded pallets can be placed straight on the shop floor ready for sale. Alternatively the shelves can be restocked directly from the pallets.

“Once empty, the lightweight pallets can be stacked neatly by hand up to 50 pallets high, ready for collection on the next inbound truck and returned to the RDC to be used over and over again.” claim their products offer significant space, durability and health and safety advantages over wooden pallets.