New design for SSI Cuby shuttle system

28th April 2021

Logistics BusinessNew design for SSI Cuby shuttle system

To meet the increasing demands of modern warehousing, SSI Schaefer has optimised and re-designed its proven SSI Cuby shuttle system in both technology and design. The increased travel speed of the improved SSI Cuby now enables even faster storage and retrieval in the compact automatic storage system.

SSI Schaefer says the standardised one-level shuttle is the ideal solution for fully-automatic and highly efficient storage of small load carriers with a load weight of up to 35kg. Thanks to high storage density, availability rate and reliability of the system, the SSI Cuby offers a unique price-performance ratio compared to the overall investment.

Batch sizes of individual products, a particularly wide product range, short order processing times and omnichannel distribution – these are the challenges many companies in industry and trade must face. They therefore search for the optimum logistics solution for these differing parameters. Companies themselves place high demands on the logistics system in question: Low storage location costs, high availability of goods as well as fast and smooth installation of the respective logistics system are essential. All these aspects were taken into consideration with the further development of the SSI Cuby.

Offering a wide range of one-level and multi-level shuttles for large and small load carriers, SSI Schaefer boasts outstanding competence in the development of customised shuttle solutions. The SSI Schaefer shuttle options are suitable for any requirements and numerous systems have been installed successfully.

Using the one-level shuttle SSI Cuby, small loads, with a weight of up to 35kg, can be stored fully automatically and with high density. The product offers high performance as well as reliability and impresses with an excellent price-performance ratio.

New design for 2021

After a re-launch in 2021, the SSI Cuby will be available with a new design and increased travel speeds. The system consists of a rack, at least one lift, one Cuby shuttle per storage level, a shuttle crane at the back, a maintenance platform and the corresponding control system. Offering maximum shuttle performance at an attractive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) was one of the main goals of the development.

Thanks to attractive purchasing and operating costs, SSI Schaefer says its SSI Cuby is one of the most economical shuttle solutions on the market. It has been designed for load with dimensions from 600 x 400mm up to 640 x 440mm. Furthermore, the system can be extended at a later time.

The narrow travel paths of the shuttle vehicle and low height of the levels ensure a compact and space-saving layout of the system. The combination of double-deep storage in the rack and a single-deep shuttle aisle leads to excellent use of space and very high storage density. This also delivers low storage location costs.

According to SSI Schaefer, another benefit of the SSI Cuby is the high system availability and performance capacity. At the front side of the shuttle storage, lifts connect the storage with standardised pre-zones. A conveying system, for example, connects the storage with goods-to-person work stations. Robust and proven components ensure high system availability. Moreover, an SSI Cuby shuttle storage offers excellent accessibility for maintenance and service tasks.

In order to assess the technical performance capacity of the overall system, the achievement rate of the lift is particularly crucial. For this reason, SSI Schaefer uses a double-story load handling device at the lift to retrieve and store load carriers at the same time. Depending on the aisle length, the system is designed for 600 to 800 double cycles per aisle.

To make storage and retrieval processes even faster, the redesign and development of this product has increased the travel speed of the shuttle by a further 60%. The performance rate can be further increased by applying two lifts per rack aisle. Processes within the SSI Cuby storage system are controlled efficiently and transparently by WAMAS logistics software.

The modular design of the SSI Cuby shuttle system is based on a high degree of standardisation of components and IT. SSI Schaefer claims this enables fast implementation of intralogistics projects at very low risk. Customers obtain a scalable and highly efficient automatic warehouse at an attractive price.