Mixed palletising with high performance

14th October 2021

Logistics BusinessMixed palletising with high performance

The combination of Motoman robots and WSR Solutions‘ stacking software and modular gripper technology help increase e-commerce and distribution capacity, offering hassle-free shipping and simplified store shelf replenishment.

Yaskawa says that in collaboration with WSR it adds more versatility in material handling and implementation of automation solutions through the combination of the powerful Motoman robots and the mixed palletising software and smart grippers from WSR.

It remains a challenge for warehouse automation solution providers to increase productivity while reducing implementation costs and time. The combination of WSR’s mixed palletising solutions with Motoman robots forms a manual and fully automatic mixed palletising solution called PackMaster, which enables easy integration into existing warehouse facilities.

The PackMaster series consists of a modular and ergonomic pallet lift station with integrated foil wrapping unit with which mixed pallets can be stacked quickly and efficiently. The PackMaster series consists of the PackMaster Manual, Single and Twin (with the last two versions working fully automatically).

The result of the PackMaster is a stable mixed pallet that can be sent to the customer without damage and can be easily destacked according to the store layout.

“We have had a very satisfactory partnership with Yaskawa for several years, mainly based on jointly developing and delivering a complete framework for the changing logistics market requirements,” explains Marcel van Schijndel, CEO of WSR Solutions. “Together with Yaskawa, we globally sell innovative fully automatic mixed palletising and de-palletising solutions that serve one goal: to optimise the customer’s supply chain with efficient, flexible and smart automation solutions.”

Workplace benefits

Because the manual picking, placing and palletising of mixed products is time-consuming and difficult, finding the right people for this is also becoming an increasing challenge. Improving working conditions for employees is important for material handling and logistics service providers. Automation has long been desired, but programming robots to recognize and adapt on-the-fly changes has long been too difficult and time-consuming.

The combination of Yaskawa’s powerful, high-performance robots with WSR’s mixed palletising software and modular grippers is changing this. The PackMaster series is designed to quickly stack mixed pallets and roll containers to make stocking the shelves in the store simple and efficient.

“We are excited to further step up and expand our industrial control technology,” said Lee Moulder, Sales and Application Director at Yaskawa Nordic. “The partnership with WSR combines innovative solutions for Industry 4.0 applications and enhances Yaskawa’s product offerings and solutions for our customers.”