Körber and Balyo sign strategic partnership

27th May 2021

Logistics BusinessKörber and Balyo sign strategic partnership

In signing a strategic partnership, Körber and Balyo, an integrator and developer of advanced autonomous fork-lift robots, will provide businesses worldwide with the latest technology in autonomous material handling equipment (MHE).

Balyo bridges the gap between traditional material handling equipment (MHE) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). This includes forklift trucks, tow tractors (for tugging applications), stackers (for floors/low level pallet movements) and reach-robots (for high racks). Through PL-d level safety sensors and proprietary ‘Driven by Balyo’ technology for autonomous operations, robotic MHE can be seamlessly integrated into existing operations without the need for additional or change in clients’ infrastructures.

Robots are already increasingly supporting businesses around the globe to tackle challenges in goods movements in the warehouse. The partnership opens up new opportunities to businesses. Kӧrber will work with Balyo to integrate its range of robotics to overcome challenges associated with full pallets, bulk movements and heavy goods. The result is flexibility, agility and scalability – smoothly increasing throughput and productivity with company growth.

The solutions also enhance employee safety and efficiency. A safer work setting is provided through smart safety and stop-and-go features – scanning the environment in real time for obstructions and instructing the robotic truck or tow tractor to move or stop accordingly. The robotic lift trucks also overcome labour shortages. Rather than replacing employees, the solution enables them to carry out more valuable tasks while working alongside the robots.

Pascal Rialland, CEO of Balyo comments: “We are very pleased to pursue this collaboration with Kӧrber as we continue to develop a partner network that meets local and global needs for industry verticals and logistics customers. Kӧrber’s expertise in warehousing and logistics and their global presence reinforce the complementary nature of our two companies and are a major asset for deploying Balyo complementary solutions to our customers.”

Nishan Wijemanne, Global Leader AMR/Robotics, Körber Business Area Supply Chain explains: “Flexibility, adaptability and precision are everything in today’s supply chain. Our partnership with Balyo is a testament to Körber’s dedication to offer the right tools to make this a reality. Robotics bring a new level of performance to warehousing and logistics. Our expertise combined with Balyo’s unique solutions will empower business around the world to conquer today’s complexities and to evolve with consumer and industry demands to capitalise on all the future holds.”