Inther implements picking system at Xinjia Pharmaceutical China

5th January 2015

Logistics BusinessInther implements picking system at Xinjia Pharmaceutical China

Xinjia Pharmaceutical, a distributor of pharmaceutical products, automatized its two DC’s in Xinjiang, China. Inther Logistics Technology designed and implemented a total solution consisting of different picking methods including the PLC controls.

The most fast moving products are stored and picked from the flow rack area equipped with pick to light. A conveying line installed within the racking area transports empty totes to the different workstations. Diverted out to a workstation the tote is scanned. After scanning the barcode of the tote, the corresponding picklights light up, indicating where and how many to pick. Required products are picked and transported by the conveying line to the packing area.

Slow moving products are picked by pick carts. Twelve picking slots are divided on each cart, enabling a batch picking of twelve orders in one go.

Full package products and products stored in high-bay area are picked by voice.

Since October 31st 2014 the system is operational.