Inther Group to Expand Skechers EDC in Belgium

18th December 2018

Logistics BusinessInther Group to Expand Skechers EDC in Belgium

US footwear maker Skechers is once again teaming up with Inther Group to expand its intralogistics at its European Distribution Centre in Li├Ęge (Belgium).

Within the 128,000 sq m distribution centre, 3.5 km of completely new conveyor technology will be installed, creating a total of 8 km of roller conveyors. In addition, a double-sided Natrix shoesorter (with a capacity of over 6,700 boxes per hour), two Inther Conveyor Equipment scales with dimensioner and two High Performance Transfer switches with a capacity of approximately 2,600 boxes per hour will be added. All channels will be served. 

Inther Group is responsible for the entire engineering and control (PLC controls) of this solution. It is expected that this expansion will be taken into use by Skechers in November next year.