High-speed mirror delivers exceptional single-camera scanning

21st October 2021

Logistics BusinessHigh-speed mirror delivers exceptional single-camera scanning

Cognex Corporation, a leader in industrial machine vision, has released the High Speed Steerable Mirror, a patented technology designed for use with the DataMan 470 barcode reader that supports large field-of-view applications with a single compact system.

The new steerable mirror attachment expands DataMan’s field-of-view both vertically and horizontally, giving 3MP and 5MP barcode readers an effective resolution greater than a 50MP sensor. Coupled with the latest in liquid lens technology, this system can both change field-of-view and depth of focus dynamically. A single DataMan system can now be used for pallet scanning, aggregation, and other large area applications that previously required high-resolution PC-vision or multiple fixed-mount sensors.

The steerable mirror arrives preassembled to the front of a DataMan 470. The unit is configured using a built-in web-based setup wizard, allowing operators to deploy an application in five minutes or less. The user simply enters their application specifications, and the wizard automatically calculates the optimal scanning pattern, ensuring the highest read rates in the shortest cycle times.

“The High Speed Steerable Mirror changes the game for large area applications that typically require a multi-reader solution,” said Matt Moschner, Cognex’s Sr. Director of ID Products. “Now, e-commerce and logistics companies can get up and running more quickly, and achieve the same high accuracy scanning results with lower maintenance costs.”