Geek+ improves Siemens’ storage efficiency by 250%

20th May 2021

Logistics BusinessGeek+ improves Siemens’ storage efficiency by 250%

Geek+, a global AMR leader, has successfully deployed AMRs in Siemens Switchgear Shanghai’s factory. By implementing a fully automated and flexible system, combining four AI-driven robotics solutions, the world-leading manufacturer has committed to provide better service to its customers and join industry 4.0.

Siemens Switchgear Shanghai started to consider automation after the company experienced a surge in demand for customised equipment, putting a strain on an already complex production process subject to inefficient storage of raw materials, labour-intensive material handling, and low visibility of the production process. After evaluating several automation solutions, the company chose the Geek+ solution to realise a more dynamic and efficient production process.

Through the seamless collaboration of four types of AI-driven logistics robots, including P800 Goods-to-Person robot, C200S Bin-to-Person robot, four-way shuttle, and heavy-load handling robot M1000, Geek+ has consolidated the process for receiving raw materials, quality checking, storing, outbound collection, and transportation of raw materials from storage to the production line. With 2-3 times more storage capacity, 99.99% accurate operations, 2.5 times storing efficiency, outbound collection process improved by 2.15 times, and 30% less manual labour needed, Geek+ has helped the customer streamline operations and realise an intelligent upgrade.

Intelligent robots can be easily integrated with other equipment and existing infrastructure, allowing a more dynamic installation. This has allowed the manufacturer to secure record-high production levels throughout the implementation process. Additionally, intelligent robots enable real-time visualisation of inventory as well as the unification of material information and the physical logistics scenarios, making it easier to follow, control, and adjust the manufacturing process.

Flexibility also implies a more responsive system that, powered by intelligent algorithms and heat map software technology, will adjust the logistics operations daily according to the production plan, for maximum efficiency.

Yong Zheng, CEO and founder of Geek+, says: “We are very happy that Siemens Switchgear Shanghai has chosen our solutions and look forward to continuing to work together to improve the production process. Since the life-cycle of products is becoming shorter and shorter while requirements for more customisation continue to rise, there’s a general need for more flexibility in industrial settings.

“Autonomous mobile robots represent a flexible automation technology that allows companies to adjust to market changes and realise rapid capacity expansion. Compared with traditional automation solutions, robot deployment is faster.”

By automating using Geek+‘s wide range of robotics hardware, Siemens Switchgear Shanghai has committed to providing better customer service and a safer environment for warehouse employees. Through the integration of big data and the opportunity to fine-tune the system, the manufacturer will continue to evolve and compete globally as we move towards industry 4.0.