Europa agrees AMR cooperation with Geek+

21st December 2021

Logistics BusinessEuropa agrees AMR cooperation with Geek+

A meeting was held in November 2021 at the Headquarter of Europa Systems in Żabów, Poland between the representatives of Geek+ and Europa Systems to discuss the cooperation between the companies and sign a letter of intent.

The cooperation will involve partnership in the area of using Geek+’s broad robots portfolio for Europa Systems’ integration projects, as well as partnership in the area of providing maintenance services for Geek+.

Marcin Tomkiewicz, CEO of Europa Systems, explained: “One of Europa Systems’ important goals as part of the new 2020-2024 strategy is to grow the robotics solutions portfolio. Cooperation with a global Autonomous Mobile Robots leader which is Geek+ fully aligns with our business assumptions. This partnership will enable us to provide cutting-edge AMR technology, which addresses key challenges e.g. in the area of e-commerce, ensuring higher speeds and greater flexibility in moving goods.”

Successful implementation of autonomous robots in distribution centres, warehouses and factories requires innovative technology delivered by the supplier (Geek+), but also expertise in intralogistics processes as well as experience in AMRs implementations  provided by the integrator (Europa Systems).

“Cooperation with Europa Systems will be an important strengthening of our European system integrator ecosystem. We are very excited about the potential of our new Partner for intralogistics projects,” explained Claus Folke, Senior Director, Business Development Europe, Geek+.

The partnership between Geek+ and Europa Systems is a common path to develop flexible and scalable warehouse automation systems and production logistics responding to the increasingly complex logistic challenges.