Dematic Doubles-up to Reinforce Mission

2nd February 2024

Logistics BusinessDematic Doubles-up to Reinforce Mission

At the upcoming LogiMAT in Stuttgart, March 19th to 21st, Dematic highlights how every solution they design and install is focused on taking customers beyond merely meeting targets and propels their businesses to a far-reaching future able to tackle any obstacles on their individual journeys. Under the motto, ‘Solved: Your Ambition. Our Mission’, the leading provider of intelligent automation technology plans to demonstrate with their showcases how a complete focus on customers leads to solving challenges, helps them and their unique requirements.

For the first time, Dematic can be found hosting two stands at the largest logistics tradeshow in Europe: in Hall 1 H/61 and Hall 10 C/38 next to fellow KION Group brands STILL and Linde Material Handling.

Visitors in Hall 1 can expect an expanded interactive tradeshow experience over last year’s stand with several solutions to choose from. The focus is on automated processes and customer services for tomorrow’s warehouse. In fact, the Dematic technology showcases are found in Hall 1 while the stand in Hall 10 focuses on consulting services and demonstrations of KION Integrated Solutions – or KIS – from fellow brands Dematic, Still and Linde Material Handling.

“Our new claim can be seen as a kind of equation and these four simple words are all you need to know to solve it: every customer has ambitions to grow or change their business in ways that go beyond standard business goals. Some dream very large, while others perhaps smaller, but they all want to see their dreams become realities and by collaborating with a reliable and experienced partner such as Dematic,” explains Gunter Van Deun, head of Marketing, Communications and Business Development in EMEA at Dematic. “And we will have several projects on display at LogiMAT that clearly demonstrate this fact,” he continues.

Also on hand at LogiMAT will be Mike Larsson, the new president of Dematic, as well as Michael Jerogin, an executive vice president and the new Head of EMEA. Both are planning to use the time at the tradeshow meeting customers and visitors at the two stands.

The intralogistics experts are looking forward to unveiling a new bin-to-picker AMR solution. Here, autonomous mobile robots take over the automated removal and storage of containers from a rack storage system. Dematic also highlights its advanced software, which is seamlessly integrated into the AMR picking demonstration. Under the precise guidance of Dematic Software, the robots move effortlessly through the warehouse to transport the selected containers safely to the picking station, which will be manually performed in the showcase but can also be performed using a robot as automated piece picking. The AMRs also receive instructions from the operators. “The demonstration is a replica of an e-commerce order and shows the power of Dematic technology in managing assorted types of returns from replenishment processes,” says Van Deun.

A service showcase, which includes a comprehensive ergonomics check, is also integrated into the AMR picking demonstration. Future inspection processes will be shown using a live drone inspection and a thermology check, which ensures efficient monitoring of equipment and analysis of stock levels. “The showcase underlines Dematic’s pioneering role in integrating advanced technologies into its service offerings ahead of our competitors,” notes Rene Sickler, Managing Director, DACH at Dematic.

In addition, a case study involving the integration of two static pouch arms is scheduled to be visualized on a 4-metre-wide LED screen. An additional touch screen allows visitors to explore the pouch system’s technical details in an interactive way and thus gain a deeper insight into the performance and functionality of the technology.

The virtual hub also offers a unique opportunity to take a ‘flight’ through a warehouse, providing the visitors a fully immersive experience, showing many more of the solutions that Dematic can provide. This is made possible by L-shaped LED screens that represent the warehouse environment in reality. “The fly-through is intended to demonstrate how Dematic can support customers on the path to automation from start to finish,” explains Sickler.

“We have really packed a lot of technology into our display space this year and are certain we have something for everyone coming by our two stands,” beams Sickler.