Container Unloading Automator Reveals New Technology

22nd January 2018

Logistics BusinessContainer Unloading Automator Reveals New Technology

Automated container unloader Copal Handling Systems is making further advances with its innovative technology and is highlighting the development of a new scanning solution.

The software will determine the order of the unloading of boxes or bags, where currently this is still done by the operator. The software guarantees an efficient gripping movement and sequence and reduces the cycle time, which boosts the unloading speed. The operator will continue to control the process from his comfortable cabin.

Copal says that the first tests were carried out last week and the results are promising. Videos will be available soon.

Separately, Copal’s professional engineering team has designed a new manipulator (pictured) that can be used for every type of container.

Until now, the C2 Container Unloader has been fitted with a manipulator, suitable for unloading regular 20ft / 40ft containers. To unload High Cube containers, a special C2 with a modified manipulator was required.

The Copal C2 will be available soon with the new manipulator suitable for both types of containers.