Cobot Technology Now Available Under Leasing Payment Scheme

15th January 2020

Logistics BusinessCobot Technology Now Available Under Leasing Payment Scheme

Customers seeking collaborative robot technology are now able to lease models without upfront capital investment.

That’s because Universal Robots (UR), which describes itself as the most trusted and widely-deployed collaborative robot (cobot) manufacturer in the world, has launched its new cobot leasing program in collaboration with DLL, a global vendor finance company.

The new partnership, it is claimed, enables all manufacturers, regardless of size or capital equipment budgets, to reap the benefits of automation without worrying about cash flow and seasonal fluctuations.

“We’re levelling the playing field by enabling all manufacturers to immediately put cobots to work without an upfront capital investment,” said Klaus Vestergaard, CFO at Universal Robots. “UR Financial Services offers end-users a fast, low-risk and financially-friendly model to accelerate automation in their factories. The partnership makes it easy to upgrade existing cobots, add additional units or test cobots for the first time – and equips end-users to maximize productivity, quality and profitability, without increasing costs or cash outlay.”

Customers will have the option to schedule payments to fit fluctuations in cash flow, upgrade to new equipment, or add cobots anytime during the contract term. At the end of the finance term, customers will have the option to buy the equipment for a fraction of the original cost, upgrade to newer technology, extend the finance term or simply return the equipment.