Geek+ Robotics Brings Advanced Warehouse Robotic Solutions to ProMat

26th March 2019

Logistics BusinessGeek+ Robotics Brings Advanced Warehouse Robotic Solutions to ProMat

Geek+ is a leading provider – and describes itself as China’s number-one supplier – of warehousing and logistics solutions in China and SE Asia. It will demonstrate its moving system, M100, and display brand-new products, such as Geek Robot Shuttle System C200 Series and its Automated Forklift at ProMat, the largest supply-chain trade show in the Americas.

Geek+ has a wide range of automated and intelligent devices capable of material handling (bin-carrying/pallets/boxes/single pieces), from goods receipt, unloading and storage, to picking, packing and order shipment. Equipped with cutting-edge robotics and AI technologies, comprehensive product lines have been developed to satisfy various application scenarios, including its:

Picking System for order fulfilment in E-commerce and retailing industries;
Moving System for material handling in factory logistics;
Sorting System for parcels sortation in express;
Automated forklift and collaborative robot for unmanned warehouse;
Robot Shuttle System for bin-carrying with single layer rack and multi-layer mezzanine rack.

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