MoU to Develop joint Smart Sports Logistics Lab

11th November 2020

Logistics BusinessMoU to Develop joint Smart Sports Logistics Lab

Geek+, a leading AI and robotics solutions provider for logistics, and Decathlon China, one of the world’s largest retailers of sporting goods, are pleased to announce that on November 6th, the two industry leaders signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the development of a joint Smart Sports Logistics Lab. The MoU was signed by Yong Zheng, founder and CEO of Geek+ and Bruno Thellier, Transformation Leader at Decathlon during an official ceremony at the China International Import Expo, China’s premier event and largest trade fair.

Under the MoU, Geek+ and Decathlon will jointly explore applying new robotics and software technologies to the supply chain, setting a benchmark for the environmental-friendly and sustainable smart future of the sports retail industry. Geek+ will contribute its newest AMR, AI algorithm, and software, while Decathlon China will focus on strategic supply chain innovation design and land innovative initiatives on its global operational scenarios. Both parties will also invite ecosystem partners, including but not limited to players in software, IoT, 5G sectors, to join the group of innovation and work together to build a global dynamic engine to drive the fast and sustainable industry evolution.

Geek+ founder and CEO, Yong Zheng commented “Decathlon and Geek+ are like-minded partners. We are impressed by their determination to innovate, their vision, and decisive actions, which have made Decathlon an industry leader in supply chain innovation. We’re excited that Geek+ will continue to empower Decathlon in their high-growth future.”

Transformation Leader at Decathlon: Bruno Thellier commented “Technology changes the world, Geek+ and Decathlon are collaborating together in all of our logistics parks in China and we have already achieved game-changing in the sport retails logistics.

Today with Geek+ we are creating the first construction block of an open ecosystem and we believe that LAB will empower our enterprises, will stimulate more market vitality, and will allow more added values in the sports retail industry thanks to the technology. ”

Decathlon, a pioneer in applying RFID technology in retail, has taken an early lead among global retailers in adopting intelligent automation solutions. Geek+ and Decathlon have collaborated in numerous sites in the past three years, including implementing new remote deployments at the height of the Covid19 pandemic, accelerating Decathlon’s automation program. To date, Decathlon has completed the picking automation of all its China warehouses and kicked off the replications of proven-successful solutions to its global warehouses. The robotics warehouses powered by Geek+ have enabled Decathlon to triple the average productivity of labor with an ROI of under three years.