Spain’s ASTI Buys German Mobile Robot Innovator

11th October 2019

Logistics BusinessSpain’s ASTI Buys German Mobile Robot Innovator

ASTI Mobile Robotics Group has signed an agreement for the acquisition of InSystems Automation, a German company which develops automation solutions including a mobile robot range based on natural features navigation. With this full acquisition, the Spanish company is building on its position as a European leader in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) manufacturing, facilitating its access to the German market and boosting its presence in Central Europe, creating a complementary product portfolio of additional state-of-the-art solutions covering the entire value chain.

Founded in 1999 in Berlin by the two CEOs Henry Stubert and Torsten Gast, InSystems Automation currently employs 66 professionals, sales in several countries in Central Europe and in the United States, where it has a sales office and after-sales service.

InSystems Automation develops customer-specific transport robots under the proANT brand since 2012 and implements them as an experienced automation company in the existing production control and manufacturing environment to create comprehensive material flow solutions. The mobile robots navigate automatically by means of laser scanners without ground loops or wall reflectors and react independently to changes in their working environment.

The Group formed by highly qualified talent now has the broadest range of automated vehicles in the market with various navigation systems, an important manufacturing capacity of several thousand vehicles per year, runs a joint R&D strategy that will be reinforcing its market value proposition and consolidates its services in Europe and US always driven by a customer centric common culture.

Verónica Pascual, CEO of ASTI Mobile Robotics said: “This movement forward will reinforce our companies maximizing the access to market of our complementary product portfolio and R&D capabilities.”

Henry Stubert adds: “Our companies fit together perfectly not only in their portfolio but also in their corporate culture”. And Torsten Gast comments: “The demand for our AGVs is enormous and we are delighted that we can now rely on such large manufacturing capacities”.

After this acquisition, ASTI Mobile Robotics Group will have a workforce of over 300 employees in 2019 and presence in Burgos, Madrid (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Mulhouse (France) and North Carolina (United States).
From the start, ASTI has made clear its commitment to the talent of the German company as well as the importance to grow the activity in the DACH region.

Seen pictured are Verónica Pascual, ASTI Mobile Robotics CEO,with Henry Stubert and Torsten Gast, InSystems Automatio founders.