LiBiao Robotics Opens Frankfurt HQ

21st July 2023

Logistics BusinessLiBiao Robotics Opens Frankfurt HQ

As part of its ongoing growth strategy autonomous mobile robot-based parcel and post sortation solutions specialist, LiBiao Robotics, has opened a new European headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

The site features modern office space, product demonstration zones and a showroom where interested parties can see LiBiao’s range of autonomous sortation robots and discover the many ways that the technology can benefit their business.

“Frankfurt is the perfect location for our new European hub,” said Xia Huiling LiBiao Robotics’ founder and CEO (pictured). “Apart from providing a base for our European sales and service teams, the new premises will be a place where logistics professionals can learn how LiBiao’s robots can improve their productivity and cost efficiency. The opening of the new office in Frankfurt highlights LiBiao Robotics’ commitment to the European market and is further evidence of our plan to build on our success in Europe and continue to expand our activity across the region.”

Several of the biggest names in the European logistics industry already rely LiBiao sortation robot technology at some of their busiest sites. For example, Packeta – the biggest online fulfilment and parcel delivery business in the Czech Republic – uses 170 LiBiao robots to sort as many as 10,000 packages per hour at its Prague facility; and, Hellenic Post – the state-owned provider of postal services in Greece -introduced a LiBiao system at its Thessaloniki sorting hub in 2022.

LiBiao’s sorting robot technology has been specifically developed as an extremely cost-efficient and flexible alternative to the high CapEx fixed tilt-tray and cross-belt conveyor-based sortation systems that have traditionally been used within parcel, post and ecommerce operations.

More compact than other AMRs currently on the market, LiBiao robots require minimal floor space within which to operate to achieve the same parcel throughput statistics as conveyor-based systems and, because they have no fixed infrastructure requirements, they can be easily adapted to cope with any spikes in throughput.

Worldwide, an estimated 30 billion parcels are processed using LiBiao AMRs each year by companies as diverse as Walmart, Uniqlo and China Post.

Xia Huiling adds: “It is obvious from the feedback that we get that Europe’s logistics community is increasingly conscious of the benefits that our innovative approach to sortation brings. With ecommerce only likely to become ever more competitive, Europe’s retailers and their logistics partners cannot afford to overlook the significant operational advantages that LiBiao’s AMR-based sortation solutions deliver.”

Established in 2016, LiBiao Robotics is a modern high-tech enterprise specialising in the development of robotic systems for the post, parcel and logistics sectors. The company’s autonomous mobile robot technology is in operation across China, Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia and the USA, LiBiao Robotics is based in Hangzhou, the capital of China’s Zhejiang province.