Kogel trailers with a permissible overall height of four metres in service at Ford

16th December 2015

Logistics BusinessKogel trailers with a permissible overall height of four metres in service at Ford

Ford-Werke GmbH recently took delivery of a total of 72 Kogel trailers with comprehensive individual equipment for its vehicle fleet. The trailers will be used primarily in procurement logistics for automotive suppliers to the Ford works and for just-in-time material transport between the Ford factories within Europe. The new Kogel trailers will therefore help to ensure problem-free handling within the Ford Supply Chain.

52 new Kogel Mega – perfect height trailers

The height-optimised Mega – perfect height trailer complies with the permissible overall height of four metres. The Kogel volume miracle uses an intelligent combination of tyre choice and a reduction in the semi-trailer throat from 90 to 55 millimetres to optimise the height whilst retaining stability. A tare weight starting at 6.5 tons means that high payloads are possible. Loading and unloading the pallet cages, which are usually stacked three high in the automotive sector, is simple thanks to the standard mechanical/hydraulic lifting roof.

Individual Ford equipment

The 72 new Kogel trailers have an extensive range of individual equipment. This includes e.g. RoRo equipment with four pairs of heavy-duty lashing rings and an eight-millimetre thick compact slide plate for unaccompanied ship and ferry transport. The 13 pairs of lashing rings in the external frame ensure optimum load-securing. Each pair of rings on the Cargo trailers and nine pairs on the Mega trailers are reinforced to a tensile force of 4,000 kilogrammes per ring. In addition, the trailers are equipped with an acoustic reversing warning signal to facilitate an accident-free approach to the ramp with a rear monitoring system with automatic braking function. This unit indicates the distance to objects behind the trailer and permits control of the programmed EBS and suspension functions. The Ford trailers are also fitted with wheelbase regulation to prevent any damage to the axles caused by overloading and to comply with legal maximum axle weight limits. This uses the trailer EBS to measure the axle load and automatically lifts the last trailer axle if the trailer is not fully loaded or has been partially unloaded. This automatically displaces part of the weight from the king pin on the tractor unit to the first and second axles on the trailer.

20 new Kogel Cargo trailers

The Cargo used by Ford also benefits from its comprehensive standard equipment, as does the Kogel Mega – perfect height: The deployment of the standard Kogel integral roof tarpaulin means that there are no straps left hanging down when the roof is open because they are integrated in the roof tarpaulin. This means that the straps cannot get snagged up when loading and unloading. The Kogel Cargo also offers a low tare weight, a high loading capacity and a high fifth-wheel load. The trailer has a tare weight of approx. 6,000 kilogrammes without accessories. This makes it ideally suited for heavy duty transport. The DIN-EN-12642 Code XL certification means that no additional load-securing is required for form-locked loading.