Efficient all-rounders for pallet transport

1st June 2022

Logistics BusinessEfficient all-rounders for pallet transport

With its new T14 – T20 series, Linde Material Handling (MH) is launching compact pedestrian trucks for pallet transport with load capacities ranging from 1.4 to 2.0 tons. Models equipped with Lithium-ion compact battery allow even better manoeuvring in tight spaces. Equipped with sensor-based foot protection, the trucks make work even safer.

The demand for electric pallet trucks is increasing worldwide. They are among the most widely used vehicles when it comes to transporting pallets or other forklift-accessible loads over short to medium-length distances. These flexible assistants can be found in almost every industrial sector in both large and small companies, and often they are put through their paces under harsh conditions: at loading and unloading stations, where there is usually hectic interaction between people and machines, during delivery operations in urban areas or on narrow truck loading areas, where every centimetre counts. Sometimes it is especially important that the equipment is highly manoeuvrable, in other cases the priority is that it is as quiet as possible in use. What is consistently required, however, is a high level of operating comfort, the best possible protection of the operator from injury, reliability in use, and simple, cost-effective servicing.

Small truck, many options

Along with the launch of the new series, an additional model is on offer. The handy Linde T14 with a load capacity of 1.4 tons is primarily designed for transporting goods in the retail industry and making deliveries in cities. The more powerful Linde T16 and Linde T18 models with 1.6 and 1.8-ton load capacities, respectively, are used primarily for loading and unloading at loading stations. The Linde T20 model with a load capacity of 2.0 tons is designed for more demanding tasks in industrial production.

The most obvious change in design is the significantly shorter chassis of the Linde T14 and T16 models which they owe to the use of a new, Lithium-ion compact battery. The reduced length (429 mm) makes the truck more manoeuvrable and at the same time lighter, which means that it is even better suited for moving goods in narrow aisles or on narrow loading ramps. With the optionally available integrated charger, intermediate charging can be carried out at any power outlet.

All that matters: Safety and comfort

The developers placed particular emphasis on operating comfort and safety. Thanks to the long, low-mounted tiller, the operator is always at a safe distance from the pallet truck during all loading and transport operations. The speed of the vehicle automatically adjusts to the tiller position: the steeper the tiller angle, the slower the vehicle. When the operator releases the tiller head, the electromagnetic brake automatically stops the truck.

An optional creep speed function provides additional control in challenging situations, and the standard power steering makes it easier to manoeuvre.

The deep-drawn chassis acts as foot protection by design and prevents the operator’s feet from going underneath the vehicle. What’s more: The “Smart Bumper” integrated into the chassis – a rubber sleeve with sensor – detects even light foot contact with the vehicle and shuts it down. This prevents the operator’s feet from becoming trapped between the truck and an obstacle, a wall or another vehicle, thus improving safety.

The operator’s hands are protected by the specially shaped tiller handle that encloses and protects the fingers. All controls on the ergonomically optimized tiller head can be operated with one hand. Wide handles make it easier to work with gloves, for example in cold storage areas. A display on the chassis provides the operator with all relevant information regarding operating hours, battery and maintenance status, without distracting them from their task. The low chassis and rounded battery cover ensure a clear view of the load arms at all times. The particularly quiet engine, the equally quiet hydraulic pump and special equipment such as triple load wheels keep vehicle noise below the critical limit of 60 decibels; this makes the trucks suitable for use in urban areas during evening and night-time hours. Special shock absorbers on the castors compensate for shocks and vibrations; the load remains stable on the vehicle at all times, and the driver is spared vibrations.

Service technicians can access all vehicle data via a central interface. The data is managed in an individual digital twin for each vehicle. Updates and new functions can be imported into the vehicle in a very short time via the optional data transmission unit. Real-time monitoring of certain vehicle parameters such as temperature and time of use can be used for damage prevention.