EffiBOT Robot with Automatic Coupling

21st June 2024

Logistics BusinessEffiBOT Robot with Automatic Coupling

In 2020 Chantiers de l’Atlantique called on Effidence for the first time to assist with the transport of sanitary units for liners. The company, which specializes in the ship market, was looking for a high-capacity AMR to move these heavy loads from the production line to the assembly line in complete autonomy.

That’s why a robotic tugger EffiBOT-T was installed at their Saint-Nazaire, France site. This enabled the company to reduce the number of tedious and repetitive journeys made by one operator, and to relocate him to another job with higher added value.

Four years later, a new AMR was integrated into the shipbuilder’s premises. Satisfied with their first robot, Chantiers de l’Atlantique again called on Effidence for its expertise.

The objective: Reduce the distances covered by the operator (10km/day).
The process: The trailers are filled by the operators at the warehouse. Once this task has been completed, an EffiBOT is called in to retrieve the trailer using a tablet customized for the process.

The robot, equipped with an automatic Hook-A+ hitch, will hook and unhook the trailer without any manual intervention.

A positive collaboration based on trust between the two companies

This second project demonstrates Chantiers de l’Atlantique’s trust in Effidence, as well as the scalability of the robotics company’s solutions. The robots are both connected to the EffiFCS fleet manager, for mission management and activity supervision. This FCS is also connected to the call tablets to send mission orders to the robots. The development of this new Hook-A+ equipment has made it possible to meet the needs of Chantiers de l’Atlantique.

Effidence provides innovative robotic solutions to optimize intralogistics flows and order picking applications for key players in industry and logistics. Founded in 2009 by C├ędric TESSIER, Effidence offers agile and powerful robotic solutions that adapt to the needs of its customers and their growth: collaborative ‘follow-me’ and autonomous robots to work with or near humans; standalone robots or cooperating fleet type ‘swarm-me’. In 2020, Effidence signed a strategic partnership with the Manitou group to distribute EffiBOT robots in Europe and market Manitou warehouse trucks (stackers, tuggers etc.) robotized using Effidence technology.

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