Custom Solutions for Mobile Collaborative Robotics

22nd November 2023

Logistics BusinessCustom Solutions for Mobile Collaborative Robotics

The 2023 SPS trade fair in Nuremberg represented an important opportunity for Bonfiglioli to showcase its experience and expertise for industrial automation. Its innovative, cutting edge offer included mechatronic solutions specifically designed for packaging, intralogistics, robotics and IoT applications.

A corner of the booth was dedicated to Bonfiglioli’s technologies for cartesian, delta and articulated robots, the latter solution consisting of a custom designed, precision planetary gearbox and servomotor developed for ABB.

Remaining in the field of mobile robotics applications, the spotlight was on BlueRoll: the high-performance, wheel-mounted gearmotor platform for AGVs and AMRs, featuring an ultra-compact and energy-efficient design for a long operating cycle. The modular drive system is available in three configurations, Basic, Advanced and Compact, with a customisable single gearbox load ranging from 360 to 1020 kg and a maximum speed of 2m/s. In response to evolving market demands, Bonfiglioli is currently developing integrated solutions with the aim of providing customers with a complete AGV movement package, including complete drive and transmission control systems. This approach allows Bonfiglioli to deliver ready-to-assemble, turnkey solutions, thereby minimizing the need to purchase interface devices from the AGV/AMRs manufacturers.

The Group is also expanding its product folio by focusing on enhancing payload capacity, catering to the rigorous specifications demanded by robotic sector. The capacity to offer a diversified array of products ranging from standard precision gears and gearboxes to specially designed motors for axis movements and completely customised ones, as well as integrated solutions for AGV/AMRs drive controls, places Bonfiglioli among the leading players in this sector. The codesign with customers grant significant value in terms of performance optimisation, cost saving and accelerated time to market.

Solution-oriented approach to packaging and intralogistics

Flow pack packaging processes require automatic machines that are able to keep pace with high production rates, for which Bonfiglioli offers a wide range of compact, modular, dynamic, high-precision drive and control solutions for horizontal and vertical forming, filling and sealing machines. These include the package presented during SPS, which features a TQ in-line high precision planetary gearbox combined with a BMD permanent magnet synchronous servomotor and a highly versatile AxiaVert smart inverter. Alongside this process, we are also able to extend maximum handling speed to the finished products palletization, thanks to a solution incorporating our BMD synchronous servomotor, Series A right-angle gear unit and ANG Series servo inverter.

During the fair, we also presented two intralogistics solutions: the first solution, designed for use with post & parcel and airport baggage handling systems, consists of a compact, right-angle Series A gear unit, available in a wide range of torque ratings, the IE4-certified BSR synchronous reluctance motor – an ecological and high-performance product (thanks to the absence of magnets), and a DGM MPM decentralized inverter, featuring sensor-less vector operation for optimal dynamic control. The second solution, designed for use with roller conveyors, combines the EVOX CP helical in-line smooth surface gearbox that can be fitted on any machine thanks to its compatibility with market standards, the MXN asynchronous low-voltage e-motor (IE3) developed to be modular, reliable, energy efficient and compliant with international certification requirements, and a DGM MPM sensor-less inverter.

Visitors had the chance to get an up-close look at the two successful applications, which have been designed in partnership with Modula S.p.a. and I.DE S.r.l., for whom Bonfiglioli has developed complete, customised technical solutions.