BA Systèmes AGV Set for High Production Rate Environments

20th February 2018

Logistics BusinessBA Systèmes AGV Set for High Production Rate Environments

BA Systèmes is launching a new AGV dedicated to high production rates environments. Called GF2, this latest AGV in BA Systèmes’ range addresses the particular needs for high production rates in the food industry and more specifically in the bottling market.

The GF2 is a state-of-the-art Automated Guided Vehicle which benefits from the reliability and long-term expertise of BA Systèmes in automated material handling and storage. BA Systèmes’ team has been developing it over recent months  with special care and focus on high performance, ergonomics, safety and easy integration of the device in its future work environment.

A more efficient, safer and modular AGV, the GF2 has been designed on a modular base, a first of its kind, to adapt easily to several industrial applications and manage horizontal transfer and pick-up/drop-off on the floor or conveyors, as well as bulk storage.

The GF2 has also been designed for American automatic trailer loading with major assets like its compactness and a very small footprint. The GF2 optimizes pallet transport and answers the needs for high flow rates as it can handle one or two loads simultaneously, side by side. Like other AGVs in BA Systèmes’ range, the GF2 is one of the speediest AGV in the market as it can cover 2 m/s.