AMR Commissioning at Dutch Logistics Centre

24th November 2023

Logistics BusinessAMR Commissioning at Dutch Logistics Centre

Dematic has recently completed the implementation of an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solution for Radial Europe, a leading BTC e-commerce fulfilment expert and subsidiary of bpostgroup. The 299 newly installed AMRs move pallets and totes to transfer stations and picking stations at its logistics centre in Groningen, Netherlands. With the Dematic solution, Radial has enhanced its warehouse processes and anticipates significantly higher efficiency in order fulfilment. For Dematic, this represents its largest AMR order globally to date.

“Our customised end-to-end solution supports Radial’s goals of improving efficiency, increasing flexibility, and ensuring future scalability, which, in turn, will lead to an improved experiences for employees and customers,” explains Kevin Heath, the global director of robotics at Dematic, a global leader in the design, installation and support of intelligent automated solutions.

Radial uses the AMR system primarily to process e-commerce orders for apparel products. The system has three key application areas utilising three types of AMRs respectively:

• Pallet-to-picker AMRs transport pallets from the entrance to a large storage bay. From there, they are transported to transfer stations and picking station racks at the packing stations. The same process then takes place in reverse.
• Bin-to-picker AMRs handle pallet storage in an automated high-bay warehouse and transport them to the picking stations for the execution of split-case orders, including orders that consist of many individual products or article variants. To support this, the racking system has a capacity of around 65,000 locations for customer goods.
• Order-shelf-transport AMRs handle the transport of orders on a shelf with several levels, which are delivered to the packing stations.

Dries De Love, executive vice president at Radial Europe, says, “It’s a double win for Radial. The solution increases efficiency, resulting in improved services and lower costs for our customers. On top of that, we see ergonomic improvements and safety benefits for our employees, resulting in a stronger overall performance.”

The project at Radial’s Groningen facility marks a milestone for Dematic. Together with KION partner Quicktron, it has provided an innovative and full-scale AMR solution as well as its implementation. “This significant contract has helped establish best safety practices for this innovative technology as well as the strategy for customer service and spare parts provision within the EMEA region not to mention the template for best-in-class service for AMRs globally,” sums up Heath.

The project has provided Dematic with valuable insight into the application, design, and implementation of AMR systems. “It has allowed us to significantly expand our expertise in how to apply, design, and implement AMR order fulfilment systems, and we intend to continue to grow this line of business globally,” says Heath.