AGV Specialist BA Robotic Systems Group in All-French Merger with Alstef

2nd March 2018

Logistics BusinessAGV Specialist BA Robotic Systems Group in All-French Merger with Alstef

French AGV specialist BA Robotic Systems Group is to merge with automated handling specialist Alstef.

Orchestrated by their CEOs, Pierre Marol and Jean-Luc Thomé, the merger between Alstef and BA Robotic Systems Group will give birth to B2A Technology, described as the new French leader in automated turnkey solutions for the intralogistics, airport and robotics markets.

The project is backed by Future French Champions, the partnership between CDC International Capital and Qatar Investment Authority, which will own 32% of B2A Technology’s share capital alongside key executives, managers and employees.

Two mutually-reinforcing businesses sharing a common vision Alstef, an automated handling systems specialist, offers complete intralogistics solutions for high-bay storage and pallet order picking, as well as automated baggage systems for airports. BA Robotic Systems Group is the French leader in intralogistics systems based on AGV (“Automated Guided Vehicles”) technology, and a renowned player in innovative robotics solutions in the medical sector or for the “industry 4.0”.

After several years of cooperation on key intralogistics projects, the CEOs of the two companies have been able to assess the industrial and technological complement of the two companies as well as the compatibility of their corporate cultures. This new phase in their development will enable the two companies to generate synergies and is expected to boost their growth both in France and internationally.

Each company will continue to carry out its activities under its own brand and with its own teams. However the creation of the new group will allow them to offer comprehensive integrated automated handling solutions, from automated trucks to fully automated warehouses, in order to meet the growing need of their clients.

Pooling know-how and technological expertise to better serve customers With €100m of combined revenue and a 500 people workforce, B2A Technology will have the means to develop innovative solutions to meet the logistics and airport industries’ upcoming challenges.


Shown left to right are: Marc Auberger – Associate Director, President of FFC SAS; Pierre Marol – CEO of Alstef and of B2A Technology; Jean-Luc Thomé – Chairman of BA Systèmes and Vice-President of B2A Technology.