Save energy and money with thermal clothing

26th September 2022

Logistics BusinessSave energy and money with thermal clothing

Insulating the body, as opposed to a warehouse, is much more energy efficient. Our own bodies create heat, so wearing a thermal base layer, hat or lightweight jacket will help to regulate the body temperature when the external temperature is low, providing you with a simple and effective way to combat the energy crisis this winter.

FlexiTog, a leading global freezer workwear brand, has been in this market for over 43 years. Trusted by cold store companies all over world, with years of development in providing thermal clothing to people working at temperatures down to -40°C, it describes itself as the go-to company for your thermal workwear needs.

Based on an average UK warehouse size of 340,000 sq ft, it has been proven that by simply turning down the heating by 1°C you can save up to 10% of your heating costs. However, by adding a thermal base layer to your clothing, you can save up to 40% of your energy costs. FlexiTog already supplies the largest distribution companies across the UK for this exact reason. Amongst a vast range of thermal clothing solutions, FlexiTog has a combination of energy-saving kits, that include thermal base layers, hats and gloves that are readily available and can be purchased online for next-working-day delivery.

By investing some of the money saved into your staff who are working in cold temperatures this winter, you will be keeping them warm and comfortable, which in turn will increase productivity, efficiency, and create a constructive culture.