Logistics Business Virtual Exhibition

19th October 2020

Logistics BusinessLogistics Business Virtual Exhibition

Logistics Business is staging an international, virtual exhibition for the logistics and materials handling industry in 2021.

The Logistics Business Exhibition provides a platform for interaction between logistics, IT, transport and supply chain services, warehousing and materials handling manufacturing industries. Live stream Panel Discussions will see an exchange of ideas that drive innovations and synergies. The exhibition and virtual marketplace enables attendees to source products online, request product-specific requests for quotations, schedule meetings with and engage exhibitors on video calls, plus much more.

The first event will be February 22-25th, with a second week in September. to register as a visitor, click here https://logisticsexhibition.com/register/purchaser/logistics-business-exhibition

There will be 6 virtual halls:

Forklift & AGV Technology, Handling Automation Systems, Packaging & Pallets, Software & Computing, Transport Services & Equipment, Warehousing Equipment. Visitors will be able to browse halls and search for specific requirements from a long list of sub-categories.

Please contact us to book your stand: +44 (0)1480 455660 or show@logisticsbusiness.com

Live stream Panel Discussions each day will see an exchange of ideas across all technologies. Here is the draft schedule:

Monday 22nd: Distribution Centre Project Management; Supply Chain Software-as-a-service Thought Leadership; Loading Bay & Warehouse Safety

Tuesday 23rd: Automated & Robot Warehouse Vehicles; eCommerce Picking and Packaging; Contract Logistics & Freight Management

Wednesday 24th: Forklift Technology Innovations; Sortation & Conveying Suppliers’ Forum; Storage System Projects

Thursday 25th: Transport Management IT Platform Decisions; Wearable Devices and Data Capture in Logistics; Pallets & Containers for Green Supply Chains